True Facts Animal Awards: Best Worst Jumping and More

True Facts Animal Awards: Best Worst Jumping and More

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Mystery Games today! Thanks to Hunt A Killer for sponsoring the awards!

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Thanks To:
Dr. Christopher G. Brown, Georgia Gwinnett College
Dr. Scott P. Egan, Rice University
Dr. Chris Barnhart, Missouri State University
Dr. Adrian Smith – @AntLab
Dr. Andreas Kay – @AndreasKay
Chris R. Brown
Judy Gallagher

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40 Responses

  1. Ze Frank says:

    Head over to Hunt A Killer at and use zefrank for 10% off your order of Immersive Murder
    Mystery Games today! Thanks to Hunt A Killer for sponsoring the awards!

    • Hellheart says:

      @scrappy doo his channel is Failed-attention-seeking-on-Youtube

    • Tragoudistros.MPH says:

      4:14 oh good, I might have killed for nothing…😅

    • Hi Enable says:

      Could you please add subtitles? It’d be easier for me as a non native English speaker to follow along. Thanks!

    • sleeperjay says:

      Laughing so much i had to stop the video! I couldn’t hear your narration over my own laughter! THANK YOU, ZE FRANK! 😂😂😂

    • N says:

      Omg!funny funny!luv the frog!ZEFRANK plz do a video on those desert round frogs..there absolutely flippin hilarious they’re back ends look like sum old mans bum!i think its very important u put in peta’s cuz there at risk of extinction like seriously a huge problem if we do loose them but thank you!my prayin mantises try to jump..there no good but i do have jumper spiders n boy i luv letting them in my “flower room” i give both insects diff days out to clear the bugs n there great at clearing them!!

  2. Jesse Short says:

    Best guy on YouTube right here. Deserves an award himself.

  3. Ethan Livemere says:

    Thanks for giving me a new trivia question to ask people: “What do the words fork, turret, comb, plate and stylus have in common?”

  4. GOGADAAK! says:

    Love the squeak that Jerry edited in, let’s give him a raise

  5. Dan_Ganing_Fan says:

    The Oscars wish they were this entertaining. These categories keep getting better and better. Those _Brachycephalus_ frogs especially deserved the win. What they lack in a graceful landing, they make up for in being absolutely adorable.

    • HalfNeptupnian says:

      ​@Ian Pedlar if there are people that can get off to literally watching someone take a shit, then why can’t you believe there are people who likes a perfectly good movie

    • BergenDev says:

      @WatershipUp Will Smith would find a reason to slap someone anyway.

    • ba doem says:

      @Ian Pedlar are trying to argue opinions are universal? I’m not even aware if what movie it is, but this is a shit take.

    • men bls says:

      Seriously those frogs are like a real life Apu Apustaja lmao

  6. Dustin Finds Rocks says:

    Zefrank deserves an award. So many treasures! Sad cat diaries is legendary.

    • suzi q says:

      @dinchy12 , Easy: get a puppy that jumps on people, or stop bathing. Don’t offer beverages or food. They’ll stop visiting. My German Shepherd has been a ⭐️ at keeping salespeople (and a few family members) away, and I can still bathe. 😂

    • dinchy12 says:

      I’ll give him award for showing me how I can get fewer guests…

    • Randy Ward says:

      I showed my friend the Sad Cat Diaries video yesterday! True legend!

    • Nerfherder42 says:

      I like that one dog that doesn’t understand why it’s not supposed to be there 😂

  7. Peter Kjær Torrild says:

    “Zefrank’s Animal Awards is the best show on Youtube! I don’t know why they didn’t get an Emmy, but at least the animals got the recognition they deserve!”

  8. HylaHerping says:

    The part with the frogs flopping everywhere was brilliant lol

  9. Jayne Ulestad says:

    I still think you need to make a video of all the bloopers in a year for us! See how much trouble Jerry gets into lmao!

  10. Frosty the Snowman says:

    That frog jumping through the air and stiffening up is the most cute and sad thing I’ve ever seen happen simultaneously.

    • Bluecho4 says:

      It’s like every time the frog jumps, it thinks, “Well, guess I’ll die” and t-poses to assert dominance on Death.

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