True Facts: Animal Awards

True Facts: Animal Awards

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Dr Frederic Libersat’s Lab, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Dr Cameron Radford, UNSW
Anna & Ned DeLoach –
Benedikt Pleyer –
Backyard Birder –
Pacific Klaus –
Steve Trewhella –
Raku Inoue at Reikan Creations –
Ben Yexley
Melissa McMasters
Nate Yuen

Additional footage licensed from:
Envato Elements

Frederic Libersat, Ram Gal, Wasp Voodoo Rituals, Venom-Cocktails, and the Zombification of Cockroach Hosts, Integrative and Comparative Biology, Volume 54, Issue 2, July 2014, Pages 129–142,

Kobayashi K, Kumakura M, Yoshimura K, Inatomi M, Asami T. Fine structure of the tongue and
lingual papillae of the penguin. Arch Histol Cytol. 1998 Mar;61(1):37-46. doi: 10.1679/aohc.61.37.
PMID: 9557966.

Noel, A. C., & Hu, D. L. (2018). The tongue as a gripper. The Journal of experimental biology, 221(Pt 7), jeb176289.

Radford, C., McNutt, J.W., Rogers, T. et al. Artificial eyespots on cattle reduce predation by large carnivores. Commun Biol 3, 430 (2020).

A. Weisel-Eichler, G. Haspel, F. Libersat; Venom of a parasitoid wasp induces prolonged grooming in the cockroach. J Exp Biol 15 April 1999; 202 (8): 957–964. doi:

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36 Responses

  1. zefrank1 says:

    Head over to Hunt A Killer’s at and use CODE: zefrank to take advantage of the KILLER DISCOUNTS
    and limited edition merchandise during their Month Of Mystery!

    • Nicholas Hodges says:


    • BUZZKILLJRJR says:

      I love the grouse in the end of the video. they do those sounds around here in matting season, off in the distance it reminds me of a 4 wheeler starting up! Hahaha it’s really basey and loud.

    • Dad’s Cigarette run says:

      Their prices are absolutely insane, no thank you

    • Robo Fisk says:

      To be honest, I’m still taken aback by the fact that you have a B.S in Neurosciennnncc… Waitaminute. A B.S? Are you being cheeky in the sense that it stands for bullshi….. Oh, sorry, it’s Bachelor of Science. Yeah, I’mmmmm… sorry? Um, great stuff? Pew-pew….gotta go now.

    • YellowKing says:

      Thanks for making me chuckle. Hope you’re well!

  2. Candy C says:

    This is the best kind of awards show. I’d rather look at crazy orifices of insects and animals than celebrities playing dress-up any day. 👏

  3. Odious One says:

    Jerry is officially a producer now. To date he has produced one award show and a lot of mucus.
    That is how a producer do, Good Work Jerry!

  4. Marissa G. V's_ARMY says:

    The creativity of you and Jerry never ceases to amaze me. Congrats to the winners and runner ups in the animal kingdom 👍🏾🏆✨

  5. Rinocapz says:

    The never ending originality of zefrank’s metaphors. Just love it

  6. HoboSorcerer says:

    Jerry will always have a place in our hearts. Don’t deny him his glory.

  7. Matthew Drum says:

    Can we please have more animal awards? this was fantastic! where else are you going to find entries like “most creative use of mucus”???

    … also an episode on the True Facts of Jerry would be fun.

    • Scryer says:

      ‘Jerry was routinely dropped on his head as a baby and still drinks paint to this day.’

    • Noel Tyson says:


    • Andersen Zheng says:

      “Here is footage captured by the science hippies of Jerry pouring milk into the bowl first before opening the cereal box. It is a controversial move I tell you… oh! OH! he’s pouring the cereal directly into his mouth… that took an interesting turn. his titling his head backwards and mimicking a flush toilet. (No Jerry not all toilets are flushable, we are doing a truth fact show, therefore, need to be accurate. some less fortunate people don’t have a flush toilet. Also, you got some explaining to do after we finish recording.)…

      and he’s pouring the milk down the drain to flush everything down the pipe. get it? flush down the pipe because it’s a flush toil.. oh never mind. ….. of course, a successful flush is not guaranteed. sometimes a mishap happens and it leaves a huge mess. /this one is still recoverable/, /almost lost that flush/, /oh look at that one go! it’s like a fountain, or a flush toilet that doesn’t flush, or a flush toilet that flushes the wrong direction, or an Australian flush toilet. or a toilet that had enough of your shit (Jerry did you touch my script?)/ This time Jerry used 2 too many orifices. he will be tasting chunks later that afternoon. I bet it would be salty with all the mucus mixed in. (I’m sorry Jerry, that was insensitive of me to mock you like that. I didn’t know it was a traumatic experience for you. maybe you shouldn’t have eaten cereals like that. )

      And that, is how a Jerry Do.” – zefrank, probably

    • c.g. silver says:


    • PRIM Moore says:

      Jerry. Jerry! JERRY! *JERRY!!*

  8. scoopishere says:

    The green banded broodsack mimicry and the jewel wasp kill are some of the craziest things I’ve seen nature do in a long time.

    • chez moi says:

      @Angela James And the Tetrastichus asparagi, a beautiful little iridescent blue-green wasp, lays its eggs in the eggs of the asparagus beetles, and eat the hatchling larvae from the inside as they develop.

    • Dawn Seeker says:

      @Angela James thing is the jewel wasps can be considered merciful cause they basically drug up their victims making them loopy before the whole laying eggs inside bit. the tarantula hawk just paralyzes the tarantula and lays the egg while the tarantula is still alive and more importantly AWARE OF IT ALL.

    • Angela James says:

      Mud dauber wasps will do the same with spiders. As well as Tarantula Hawks (they are a type of wasp also and very large. They do the same with Tarantulas)

  9. broken girls r us says:

    “Two drunk fraternity brothers trying to dub a samurai movie” was a sentence I never thought I’d hear.

  10. Tracy B says:

    Jerry, we all thank you for associate producing the finest content on the inter-webs. Your ideas are a credit to our education system. You are seen.

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