True Facts: The Beaver

True Facts: The Beaver

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Thank you to:
Dr. Vanessa Petro, Oregon State Univ.
Dr. Peter Busher, Boston Univ.
Dr. Emily Fairfax, CSU Channel Islands
Dr. Clint Epps, Oregon State Univ.

Dr. Lyle M. Gordon, Northwestern Univ.
Mike Callahan, Beaver Institute
Bob Armstrong “Nature Bob,” Univ. of Alaska
Michael Graydon

Ben Goldfarb, author of “Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter”
James St. John
Julio Lacerda
Thilo Park
Janet Pesaturo,
Winterberry Wildlife
National Wildlife Research Center, Oregon Field Station
Jak Wonderly
US Forest Service Mendenhall Glacier Web Cam

CC Images:
Beaver Skull Cut: Thilo Parg / Wikimedia Commons CC BY 4.0

Palaeocastor fossor and Palaeocastor and burrow in National Museum of
Natural History: Claire H. (flickr) CC BY 2.0

Palaeocastor BW.jpg: Nobu Tamura CC3.0 Unported

Daemonelix burrow James St. John CC-BY 2.0,_Middle_Miocene;_Sioux_County,_Nebraska,_USA)_4_(32674818704).jpg

Additional footage from:
Envato Elements


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44 Responses

  1. zefrank1 says:

    Check out Curiosity Stream with code: ZEFRANK :

  2. Lucipher says:

    I’m a biologist and former zookeeper and I always share True Facts videos with anyone curious about animals and the natural world because it’s hilarious, well researched, factually correct and Ze Frank delivers these perfectly. Also, shoutout to Jerry!

  3. Paul B. says:

    “The hardest thing our body makes — hush now.”
    Perfect delivery with that one. Thanks for yet another entertaining and educational video!

  4. Shark Dude says:

    I can’t get over the fact that these are actually educational, these videos are funny, have jokes around every corner, and puns that come straight out of a dad convention and they still teach you things you never knew about the life on our planet. Keep up the good work Zefrank.

  5. Sassquatch says:

    Zefrank’s mom must have lived quite a life. She always has such specific advice.

  6. ej terry says:

    “Not only do beavers have to chew the crap out of their food, they have to chew the food out of their crap.”

    I’m done! That’s the best line ever!

  7. Urinstein says:

    “On land the beaver isn’t exactly graceful,
    but in water it IS exactly graceful.”
    I know there were plenty of funnier jokes in this one, but to me this is peek True Facts.

  8. Thomas deNorth says:

    Beavers absolutely controls the direction the tree falls. Plenty of beavers where I live, and 95% of the trees they fell falls towards the water. I´ve thousands of trees like that. Respect to the little critters for having better control of felling than I have.

  9. kate carew says:

    As a kid, we had neighbors move in from Canada, my father, a corporate attorney with a propensity for BAD dad jokes opted to wear a sweatshirt that said “if you’re Canadian show me your beaver” to the welcoming party.
    It had an upright beaver dressed as a mounty to cover the absolute vulgarity.
    To this day he denies it but I distinctly remember the mom explaining to me how uncomfortable she was, after my 8 year old self asked her repeatedly to show me her beaver…she finally cracked and told me what beaver was a euphemism for. I ran home and SCREAMED at my dad, and the sweatshirt was never seen again.
    He will never admit it.
    I wish I could find that sweatshirt to prove what I know to be true.

  10. Purple 42 says:

    I always called fake vanilla “Beaver butt juice” it really threw my friends for a loop and I love confusing people.
    I love that you brought up the vanilla thing.

    • Nick Gurr says:

      “Do it shid? Do it fard?”
      -beaver during mating season

    • Batabii says:

      I totally forgot that was a thing until he mentioned it.

    • Ceruleanst says:

      Beaver castoreum may still be used sometimes in scented candles, but it hasn’t been used in food since we learned to synthesize vanillin. Vanillin is the flavor molecule present in real vanilla so it isn’t any different. The spread of the “fun fact” that fake vanilla comes from beavers likely may have been encouraged by Madagascar’s vanilla industry, which has a sordid and complicated history and is very invested in the image of being the only “real” source of a plant that used to be native to Mexico.

    • RedDot says:

      Finally its here YES

    • Sgt. SLaughter says:


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