True Facts: The Rise of the Kitten Snake

True Facts: The Rise of the Kitten Snake

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Dr Angela Horner
Dr Natalie Uomini
Dr Anthony Friscia
Dr Chris J. Law
Dr Karol Zub
Dr Tom Glass
Evan Buechley, University of Utah
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Shem Llewelyn.

Pantanal Jaguar Camp, Ailton Lara


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44 Responses

  1. @zefrank says:

    Check out Curiosity Stream! Go to and use code: zefrank to get 25% off when you sign up!

  2. @MichiruEll says:

    Watching the badger burry the cow makes me think we might have an explanation for missing hikers whose bodies were never found

  3. @djdksf1 says:

    Years ago, I was hiking in Waterton Lakes (Canadian side of Glacier Nat’l Park) when a chipmunk dropped right in front of me – blood coming from its neck. I stopped cold and waited, and in about 2 minutes, I heard a rustling in the brush to my left, then I saw a little weasel about the width of my thumb and about 10″ long peering out at the dead rodent. He looked right in my eyes as I just stood there as still as possible. After another couple minutes, he worked up the courage to come out and grab his prize, and then dragged it (easily 2-3 times his mass) up the entire trunk of a tree by its neck. I was absolutely floored. I asked a ranger about it when I got back to the trailhead and he said that it was definitely a Least Weasel and I was very lucky to have seen it, since they are almost exclusively nocturnal hunters. Such a badass little critter.

    • @cynthiatrombetta4655 says:

      Sometimes, you wake up a little peckish.

    • @Brando56894 says:

      That’s like a jaguar dragging a dead deer up a tree, always amazes me when I see footage of it.

    • @manaash4316 says:

      Good thing you stayed still. Sounds like a ferocious lil thing. Probably looked into your eyes trying to decide if he should supersize his meal 😂

    • @skeptiwolf5654 says:

      I once had a squirrel steal a bar of chocolate bigger than it. I am still sore about it. It distracted me with it’s cuteness as I was petting it it grabbed my uneaten chocolate and ran off. I chased it and failed to catch it.

    • @ashtheviking5007 says:

      You’re lucky to have gotten out alive, who knows how much they can carry.🤪

  4. @vincei4252 says:

    That python wrapped around the honey badger is now examining its life choices. Many can learn from it.

    • @rodgill9376 says:

      I actually kind of felt bad about that python though. They didn’t think that the badger could not only escape and fight it off but then gets double teamed when a fox or whatever that was showed up. Poor thing lol.

    • @KWillo says:

      The honey badger was trying to see how the python looked as a chain.😂

    • @SuziQ. says:

      It’s probably dead. Those Jackals looked serious about using it for the kind of tug-o-war where the “toy” gets destroyed.

    • @AbysmalRapture says:

      ​@@SuziQ. I’ve seen the full video of that and if I remember correctly the python actually survives, the jackals kept pissing off the honey badger so it chased the jackals off and the python took that as it’s opportunity to make a break for it

  5. @michaelccopelandsr7120 says:

    A new True Facts! All is right with the world. Thank you, Ze.

  6. @SuziQ. says:

    Remember, check your holes for Ferts.

    5:07 Looks like bunny sex, too. Those cute little house rabbits get rough, with the neck biting, and clawing, and that’s just when they’re practicing on a human foot.

    Thank you, Ze! Happy Holidays to you and your family! 🎄

    • @Just1Nora says:

      House cats too tbh. It seems like most mammals which sexually reproduce choose one of two approaches: go as fast as possible before she beats the crap outta you, or grab onto her so she can’t run and then beat the crap outta you. 😂

    • @Ragnarra says:

      Same with hedgehogs gotta go fast while the guys trying to get some. Also cougars when in heat scream and yes its terrifying. Typically mid size carnivores with large territories have neighbors who are female just to get some choice mating opportunities. Cassowaries and relatives have the award for dad of the year in the animal kingdom as the male incubates, raises and cares for the hatchlings with violent intent if you dare go near them. They are velociraptors come again.

    • @thecatofnineswords2535 says:

      @@Just1Norawe humans could take some initiative from this, too often it’s the men doing the beating.

  7. @naviara715 says:

    I’ve always considered them snake-mammals, but yeah, kitten snake fits very well.

    • @timnordstrom7383 says:

      > Implying kittens are, in fact, not mammals.

    • @VampiresAreRealGuys says:

      @@timnordstrom7383 hah good thing i thought a bit before i chewed you out. i thought “weasle teach them a thing or two” but i mustelid made a mistake. im gonna stop beaver i say something i wolverine. i dont know what happened here i guess something got mongoose.

    • @VampiresAreRealGuys says:

      @@timnordstrom7383 sorry i didnt mean to badger you. i just got a little carrion away and now im just a raccoonteur.

    • @timnordstrom7383 says:

      @@VampiresAreRealGuys Some of those were almost good ngl

  8. @MrChainsawAardvark says:

    So back in the 1970s, my dad told my mom that Fermi Labs used ferrets to clean the particle accelerator. She did not believe this. Being in an era before the internet was available to civilians, took it upon herself to call the laboratory directly to confirm this. Apparently this fact was correct. A ferret was fitted with a harness and attached to a rope, and then ran through the apparatus. In turn the rope would be used to maneuver the cleaning equipment.

    Some twenty years later my parents are taking the family to a science museum in Aurora Illinois. (SciTech, brand now at the time, but which unfortunately closed in 2022.) In the rush to get five kids in the car for a long road trip they misjudged the opening time, and arrived too early for admittance. Staff are present, however, and let us in – allowing us a private museum for a few hours. As we’re getting ready to leave, we share the above story about ferrets with the people working there. As it turns out, many of the staff are form Fermi Labs employees, and the manager in fact volunteered his pet for the job. It was named Felecia.

    • @phydeux says:

      And as they sent the ferret in to clean the works one of the workers heard the manager to say, “Bye Felecia!” and thus the first internet meme was born long before the internet.

  9. @travisshallenberger9486 says:

    Awesome! Finally, the weasels get their time in the spotlight. The part about farting bees disturbs me though. Would they have the instinct to make honey in there? Would the colon become covered in honeycomb? That would it a honeycolon, which is just about the most self-negating portmanteau ever.

  10. @jacklinde7568 says:

    Nice to see that Ze has kept Jerry around. Not the most reliable assistant, but he do has enthusiasm for what he do.

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