True Facts: The Smartest Slime

True Facts: The Smartest Slime

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Patreon patron Peggy Casey came up with the scarecrow joke!!!
Bea Leiderman-
Dr Simon Garnier, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Dr Audrey Dussutour, CNRS – Universite Paul Sabatier
Dr Bernard Jenni
Dr Edvin Johannesen, Natural History Museum Oslo
Benedikt Pleyer:
Dr Kathie Hodge, Cornell University
Kent Loeffler, Cornell University
Sarah Lloyd, National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL)
Alison Pollack
Dr Fred Spiegel, University of Arkansas
Dr Steven L. Stephenson, University of Arkansas
Cornell Center for Fungal Biology
Swarm Lab, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Anna Grinčuka

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39 Responses

  1. Ze Frank says:

    Keep learning at Get started for free, and
    hurry—the first 200 people get 20% off an annual premium subscription.

  2. A Laughing Wolf says:

    ZeFrank’s way of describing things is better than any nature documentary I’ve seen

  3. Savanna- 𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 𝙿𝚛𝚘𝚏𝚒𝚕𝚎 says:

    The little interruptive conversations between ZeFrank and Jerry never cease to be funny, I want to hear Jerry for once

  4. Momo says:

    It’s impressive how it’s 100% education and 100% comedy. They don’t cut into eachother at all, perfect fusion cuisine of the two.

  5. TransNightWalker says:

    I did science fair projects with slime molds back in the early 2000’s, including seeing if they could navigate mazes for food. Unfortunately, my ability to build slime mold proof mazes was not good enough and the dang things cheated and just grew over the walls to go straight over to the food. I love these bizarre and wonderful little things.

  6. MichaelC Copeland Sr says:

    Bringing smiles to people is truly noble work. And Ze does it while educating us. Thank you, Ze.

  7. ann vogelpohl says:

    When you started read the DNA sequences, I busted out laughing and have to pause to recover and type this. That was brilliant. Thank you!

  8. Vakna says:

    I love you ZeFrank, usually laugh my ass off, definitely makes breaks at work more enjoyable lmao.

  9. Daggeravowal says:

    I chose a course involving microbiology for my degree, but I don’t really have anything I want to do in life, so I just went with something that was fun in high-school. Going with the flow, in other words.
    I love your videos, especially these recent ones to do with micro-organisms, and they make me feel like I picked the right field after all. These are such fascinating lifeforms.

    • Markus Gorelli says:

      Perhaps you can learn videography too so you can generate more material for zefrank to narrate. 😁🥰

  10. Bee says:

    I love this man. When I was a teenager, I got stuck in a bad bout of depression. Didn’t shower for almost a month, couldn’t really move out of bed and barely ate. He would make these videos just sitting and talking to you and talking about life lessons and thoughts that you’d think alone in your room. Those videos helped me get out of bed and start showering and getting back to life. When I feel myself slipping back into that I go and find the teddy bear videos and older ones. I wish he’d still make those videos.

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