True Facts: Wild Pigs

True Facts: Wild Pigs

Check out for more of their amazing footage
See how these are made:

Terra Mater has created a wide array of amazing full length documentaries and they have a YouTube channel which you should check out and subscribe to!
Almost all of the footage in this episode is from one of their programs called “Amazing Pigs” which was
directed by Matt Hamilton.

Piglet jaw images from:
Fraser, D., Thompson, B.K. Armed sibling rivalry among suckling piglets. Behav Ecol Sociobiol 29, 9–15 (1991).

Pig Toilet miniature from the Linden Museum, added to
the Public Domain by Karl Heinrich.

Additional footage and media from
and Pond

Classical Music:

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48 Responses

  1. zefrank1 says:

    Most of this footage is from – check them out and subscribe for more amazing animals (the humpback whale clip is crazy)

  2. Andrew Z says:

    This episode felt more chaotic than normal. Felt less like a nature documentary and more like “holy shit, pigs”

  3. AlphaIkaros says:

    “It’s like that Circle of Life song from the Lion King, but re-imagined by a German fetish pornographer”

    one line and I’m already sold.

  4. xXKongregateXx says:

    “They had a lot of time to evolve into their true form… goth, Satan goth” Lol.

  5. Trifarian Soldier says:

    “Theres like a billion pigs, and noone seems worried about it”

    wait, should we!?

    • Spooky boi Villa says:

      @g5rearea oh boy it’s all coming together

    • Melt says:

      @orlock20 well it was doomed to fail. They enlisted only 3 men and gave them only 10000 bullets. And their were more than 10000 emus

    • Seeking Absolution says:

      Yes. Some wild pigs grow as big as grizly bears, they are relatively intelligent, eat anything, stopped fearing humans centuries ago and have no natural predators except for humans. Oh yes and when grievously wounded they take the mentality of “we will die together” instead of “I’m getting out of here” they are very much a concern.

    • Tim Woods says:

      Noone is very smart.
      No one should take her fears lightly!

    • Trifarian Soldier says:

      @HaloInverse they can probably teleport.

  6. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    I thought Warthogs were just vehicles you ride in halo, I didn’t think they’d look like that…

  7. William Carroll says:

    “Sorta like a fuck flavored dorito” omg my stomach hurts from laughing so damn hard

  8. notahotshot says:

    “butt scientists… I’m sorry, but scientists.”

    That will never get old.

  9. IamGhede says:

    Poor Jerry, doesn’t even get his name in the credits.

    Can we get a True Facts on Jerry? It is overdue.

  10. recoil53 says:

    “But reimagined by German fetish pornographers” – zefrank’s explanations will never get old.

    • madamerosario says:

      I also love that most of the footage is from a German studio lol I wonder if he had to explain that to them or if they were like, “ja, zat is ze german way”

    • Johnny Whitsel says:

      @madamerosario “ja, zat is ze german way” -that made me lol

    • Ichbims Derepep says:

      @madamerosario as a german this sounds like something a german would say

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