True Stories About Chimps

True Stories About Chimps

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Intro and outro song:

“Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, Movement I (Allegro), BWV 1049” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License…

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57 Responses

  1. Jesse Rodriguez says:

    “Wow, I felt something for a second there” ?

  2. Essasinator 2003 says:

    Two great things happened today.

    Sam made a new video

    And Tool made their first album in 13 years

  3. Daniel Warfield says:

    *Sam O’Nella:* posts video

    *Me:* literally gasps with excitement and surprise

  4. Californian Conservative says:

    “If you think there’s anything wrong with this picture you deserve electroconvulsive therapy” – Sam’o’nella 6:37 top top left

  5. Butterpillar says:

    Some girl: *takes away painting*
    Congo: _now it’s time to get funky_

  6. Michael Hummer says:

    My weird internet made the video render in 360p, which I realized is the only true way to watch a Sam O’Nella video.

  7. mairwen james. says:

    HeY kiDs IN 1907 SoMEOnE Ate a CoW.

  8. George W. Bush says:

    Sam you should make a video about David Hahn, the guy who built a nuclear reactor in his backyard

  9. Dillon McLean says:

    That intro music is the most uplifting sound in the world

  10. Jennifer Mommy says:

    Lucy’s story mad me so sad. It’s like flowers for algernon. I’m dead serious here. I get the opportunity for humor but it’s just sad.

  11. thebigs says:

    I’ve been in Sam O’Nella Academy for 4 years now, when am I going to get my bachelor’s degree in random knowledge?

  12. Hakeem Hasworth says:

    Your animation game has gone apeshit. That signage of “FORK” in chimp hands deserves an award. ?

  13. Owen Kierscht says:

    It’s funny how you sounded proud of falling down the stairs

  14. Rocket Eevee says:

    1:58 “Go little fighter jet, be free while I die in an explosion”

  15. suicune690 says:

    Some of Washoe’s other “word” combinations were
    Listen drink- Alka-seltzer
    Hurt fruit- hot radish
    Water bird- swan
    White tiger- zebra

  16. Caleb Browning says:

    One of my favorite parts of watching these videos now is finding templates from previous videos being used (like Sigmund Freud as a zookeeper)

  17. Dat1 Eddie says:

    Ah yess the old chimp bean flicking kid lover sam

  18. Evan Osterberg says:

    My favorite part was at 2:41

    “hmmph, this is MY painting done by a chimp.”

  19. Lauren Animates says:

    *“Thou shalt not have din-din with chimpies”*

    • Burpo Stockings says:

      Lol Numbers 5:23
      “And the priest shall write these curses onto the leather, and wash them off into the bitter water”


    • Master Charles Diltardino says:

      @Burpo Stockings its actually a quite beautiful verse. Gods name was written down and then washed away and a woman acused of adultery would drink it and either die or be blessed. The only time gods name is allowed tp be treated so is in the one area of determining innocence

  20. JoJoFagBr says:

    You are doing this video because Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is making sucess or is this a coincidence?

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