Trump adviser on Trump losing: ‘Says who?’

Trump adviser on Trump losing: ‘Says who?’

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20 Responses

  1. Logan Calkins says:

    she didn’t even specify the polls. she just said the polls. what polls!!!!.
    we need a news network that isnt biased honestly cause the polls that both
    side are speaking of is dem and the other rep

  2. toni g says:

    So Sarah plain gets shit for saying she reads all news articles and she
    didn’t give a specific one but this dumbass anchor just says all of them
    and it’s ok?

  3. EarthIsFlat ItsAFact says:

    Well….that was awkward. LOL.
    These are the same “polls” that Trump has been bragging
    about……………………..until………….he couldn’t…………..

  4. seal3081 says:

    When Trump loses I just picture him saying “Loser, loser, loser” while
    looking into a mirror.

  5. sarah13blue1 says:

    this hitch acting like we all like Hilary ..the fuck..out with that shit.

    cnn I hop.hilary isn’t paying you some extra money.

  6. Ronald Regan the man says:

    I love how trump kept his promise that he would surround himself with all
    the best people. Defiantly good if this was tv maybe not the potus cabin

  7. Tam Nguyen says:


  8. jorge murillo says:

    can someone make this a meme?

  9. Hot Donkey says:


  10. Gianluca Lam says:

    Just another cnn bitch … and a stupid one

  11. Eric Sins says:

    What’s her name she hella pretty.

  12. Nic Parker says:

    Hilary 2016,. Trump is a liar.

  13. Seth the Wizard! says:

    this is terrible both ways. CNN was worse by far though.

  14. NeonPrism BURST says:

    The polls are fraudulent , We know you rigged the primary elections , we
    know you work together with the democrats, we know your owned by the banks,
    and you have the dying cable news platform to try to work your “magic” like
    you’ve done for generations, but we’re all waking up to it.

  15. Aethelred the forty-second says:

    The very definition of a car crash interview….

  16. Exotic_GM says:

    if you don’t vote for Hillary you hate women. JK don’t get triggered kill
    yourself mate

  17. Spud O'Doom says:

    What a laughably dumb prick.

  18. Chinomso Ibe says:

    Actually, it’s “says whom”

  19. Lil' Schnide says:

    “Trump lost the election.” “Says who?”

  20. Pipebomb says:

    That long pause, lol