Trump Almost Attacked, Secret Service Act Swiftly to Protect Donald Trump at Dayton Ohio Rally

Trump Almost Attacked, Secret Service Act Swiftly to Protect Donald Trump at Dayton Ohio Rally

Secret Service Agents Acted Swiftly To Protect Trump on Stage at Dayton OH Rally. Donald Trump was swarmed by security after a protester rushed the stage at a rally in Wright Bros Aero Ohio. March 12, 2016 BREAKING UPDATE: Donald Trump Cancels Cincinnati Rally Because Of Security Concerns. Donald Trump Addresses Protest at Chicago Rally yesterday. Saturday, March 12, 2016: Live Stream of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Dayton, Ohio beginning at 10:00 AM EST. New footage shows that the attempted attack on Donald Trump in Dayton, OH on Saturday was a far more dangerous situation than it originally appeared on television.

A man jumps a barrier and makes it past several security guards, before finally being stopped feet from Mr. Trump. It is unknown if he had a weapon, but his intent is clear…

Later, as the man is being removed, someone in the crowd shouts: “Rip his hair out!

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20 Responses

  1. Awesome Kid - Agario says:

    Anybody else just interested on the amount of views and subscribers this
    dude got by posting this? btw he had like -50 sub’s before this vid

  2. badlandskid says:

    I…. I…. I…. I….I guess there is an “I” in president.

  3. joey martinez says:

    Trump sucks

  4. Noah Martinez says:

    For all the people who are saying “It’s not right to wish death upon him”,
    well, he deserves it. He isn’t human if he wants to have these views and
    expect to be okay. He deserves every second of the pain.

  5. shazlfc ronaldo says:

    Muslims wear ID badges
    Mexicans all rapist
    Indians stole all USA jobs
    This guys a fucking joke blame all the Muslims cause of some bad ones and
    wear ID badges that’s gonna make them feel safe lmao
    Same with the Mexicans
    And Indians are more educated then you hilbillies that’s why they got
    better jobs
    Trump needs to be shot asshole no wonder UK hates him and most of the world

  6. t3kbot2110 says:

    Almost isn’t good enough………

  7. Pimboner says:

    Oh my someone was scared because they were almost killed omg they’re such

  8. Karmin Pantoja says:

    Donald Trump .I.

  9. Fox Rigney 27 says:

    GET IM!!

  10. Swaggy LALA says:

    0:12 That moment when his butt itches.

  11. Jared Abarca says:

    I didn’t even see what happened

  12. TayonProductions YT says:

    What exactly happened?

  13. Daniel Ruiz says:

    the guy who tried to attacl him is my heroo!

  14. MrDrAGz says:

    Donald Chump for president? Noo! Ronald McDonald for president? Yes!!
    #Endstarvation. I’ll have fries with that. ;)

  15. SS H says:

    Fuck trump up!!! Yeee

  16. Brandon Nobnarb says:

    Water board the mother.

  17. Ricky says:

    I bet Trumps is soon going to become a big bounty and mercenaries are going
    to start going after him…

  18. Ace Com4 says:

    I better leave America.

  19. Aida Serrano says:

    rump is eivl

  20. Tori Walthers says:

    Dammit assassinator you had one job 😑