Trump and Hillary Debate Prep: A Closer Look

Trump and Hillary Debate Prep: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are preparing for the presidential debates.
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Trump and Hillary Debate Prep: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Not Trump says:

    trump is going to get crushed. he knows nothing about policy and with a
    good moderator, he’ll be fact checked and called out for his bullshit

  2. BryceStawski says:

    “Raccoons are tremendous moderators, I know all the best raccoons. I
    guarantee that a raccoon as moderator will make Hillary’s head spin,
    believe me.” Donal Trump

  3. Samuel Montemayor says:

    Trump is making is so hard for paid trump supporters to make him not look
    like a moron

  4. bargh70 says:

    Trump is going to smoke Hillary. Think about every time you had to discuss
    something with an idiot. You can’t win. Hey will always break any human
    logic and be absurd to the point where you break and look like you’re

  5. Abdullah Salem says:

    Trump start to get bitchy. Hillary is more of man than Wuss Trump will ever

  6. fidorover says:

    “That does it; I’m staying away from rivers.”
    — *Robert Redford*

  7. Sno' Elle says:

    I love A Keener Glance ??. Lol but seriously I dislike both candidates
    and really wish Bernie won but if I had to choose over Donald and Hilary,
    I’d pick Hilary all the way.

  8. Francesco says:

    If we judge by history Trump will destroy his campaign at the debates, some
    of his worst mistakes were done when someone made him a question face to
    face. Some exaple are:
    -Kahn family
    -Russia won’t go in Ukraine

    Also don’t forget the republican primaries when he said that the debates
    were too long, the questions too hard and his answer about the nuclear
    triad ( the sistem to launch nuke) became his rant about “nuclear is
    dangerous, you can mess with nuclear it’s so powerfull”.

  9. KingOfMadCows says:

    Get your facts straight, Seth. Roger Ailes was not forced out of Fox News,
    he left voluntarily. It’s impossible to force Ailes to go anywhere because
    his mutant power makes him immovable.

  10. Ash Fuller says:

    I can’t imagine Trump’s punches hurting much because of his tiny hands

  11. Ricardo Guanipa says:

    Hilary Clinton = Lady Olenna Tyrell
    Donald Trump = Lord Walder Frey

  12. Nonya Biddness says:

    It sounds more and more like an adult running against a teenager. How is
    this still a contest?.. America is lost.

  13. gary pearson says:

    the raccoon should moderate the trump -Clinton debate. trump should be OK
    with the raccoon he has tiny hands too.

  14. Scarlette Michaels says:

    lmao..trump brought together the conservative legion of doom

  15. Spenzer20 says:

    He’s got nothing, and he knows it. The zingers work when you’re on stage
    with 17 other people and have 10 minutes of screentime tops, but once
    you’re in a 1,5 hour policy debate, it’s gonna get old SO fast, that’s why
    I’d be surprised if he even shows up

  16. matkojapan says:

    Can you imagine an Obama vs Trump debate? OMG!! Trump would become a
    piece of meat in a McNugget! A Golden one of course.

  17. Greg Geis says:

    still think God is blessing America?

  18. Juan Zep says:

    Trump wants to date his daughter and his supporters already date their

  19. pidgeon620 says:

    Let Gary Johnson Debate!!
    Gary Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 States, and he is polling in double
    digits. The American People deserve a chance to hear what Gary Johnson has
    to say to Trump and Clinton!

  20. Moody Q says:

    Gary Johnson needs to be on that stage too – so sick of these 2