Trump and Hillary: Time of my life – LuckyTV

Trump and Hillary: Time of my life – LuckyTV

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a lovely duet

gemaakt door luckytv, niet door mij

video from:
muziek/music: bill medley and jennifer warnes – time of my life.
expoza records

made by Sander van de Pavert

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19 Responses

  1. Mason McCarthy says:

    Thanks keem

  2. Vuxxy says:

    keem sent me

  3. Frank Conti says:

    ✨✨Brilliant !!!✨✨?????✨??

  4. TheDolphins087 says:

    Those slow fades into the next scene are great, they make the video.

  5. kamil głowacki says:


  6. Jane Lee says:

    PLEASE keep it coming!!



  8. Robbie Williams says:

    ever who made this, you are truly a genius that was the most awesome thing
    I’ve ever seen!! thank you!!!

  9. Jordan Kelly says:

    This video is uniquely disturbing

  10. David Frame says:

    Hitler Clinton

  11. Tom Miller says:

    *WTF did I just see?*

  12. Robert Short says:

    LOL! Bill Clinton is a Rapist!!!

  13. Kimtothekizzo says:

    I wish they had done the lift.

  14. Colton Allgire says:

    incoming butthurt Trumplings on their whiny baby adventures?✌

  15. Sean Ross says:

    Chelsea Clinton is a spoiled brat

  16. ShadowTriadWestWind says:

    I hope I die in the real world and wake up reborn in the beauty of the

  17. FILTHY says:

    Now that I see this, Trump does carry some Patrick Swayze qualities..

  18. Basekitball says:

    They deserve eachother. Would be better for everyone if they admit their
    love, and ride off in the sunset with each other to leave behind all
    ambitions of public office.

  19. Mike Davies (BillCuttings) says:

    Some say the man at the end is still trying to get out of his seat.