Trump and the GOP’s Health Care Con Falls Apart: A Closer Look

Trump and the GOP’s Health Care Con Falls Apart: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the GOP’s failed health care bill.
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Trump and the GOP’s Health Care Con Falls Apart: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. I AssinJar says:

    It’s crazy how America is like a reality tv show..

  2. TVJunkie says:

    One day I will tell my children of the time I watched a Seth Meyers video right when it was posted. My greatest accomplishment.

  3. Gayle Elms says:

    Nobody knows the system better than me?? Whoo boy?

  4. A 1 says:

    Vladicheeto your impeachment is coming soon.

  5. Cami H says:

    Nobody is surprised by the complete lack of competency that came from Trump.

  6. Garden-Variety YouTube User says:

    Trump: ” I alone can fix it.” LOL. Yeah, that was hilarious then, its even more hilarious now.

  7. Jon Dough says:

    “I alone can fix it” – Dictator in training…

  8. michael cook says:

    Trump will die in prison

  9. Cafelogis says:

    I’m sure Obama is sitting around with a tub of popcorn just chuckling away.

  10. Cammy O says:

    Make America Get-fucked Again?
    Make America Go-broke Again?
    “No-one knows the system better than me”
    Uh… yeah… that’s what we’re afraid of!

  11. ctk4949 says:


  12. Don't Read My Profile Picture Advanced says:

    Trump barely knows anything about anything except how to bullshit and self-promote. It was so obvious during the campaign when he could give no details, but so many assurances about how great and easy to fix everything will be.

  13. jehanr says:

    sit spicer sit.

  14. William Bradford says:

    Has it sunk in yet, any Trump supporters?  We’re ready to forgive when you’re ready to concede you made a mistake…

  15. Sarah Mahmoud says:

    i understand about the legislative process because we learned about it last month in 7th grade social studies

  16. Martin Pêcheur says:

    “the art of the deal”….lmao

  17. Cosmonaut says:

    How can anyone actually support this pathetic president.

  18. User is Named says:

    “I’m president and you’re not”. Wow America. Just wow. You guys can’t be serious about this man.

  19. Jose Jaimes says:

    How can anyone possibly defend trump ?

  20. Aimee Miami says:

    I love how Trump can be proven to be a liar by Trump of yesteryear.

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