Trump announces tougher coronavirus guidelines

Trump announces tougher coronavirus guidelines

President Donald Trump unveils tougher guidelines to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the US, including urging people to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people. #CNN #News

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  1. Alfred Vallejos jr. says:


  2. rio verde says:

    Yesterday he said America had “tremendous control of the situation”…. what happened? 🤔

    • Natasha Norman says:

      @Mike C but you are allowed to malign people you don’t know, and assume that people who may actually only support him for one issue must be racist, which is just stupid.

    • Bill Herd says:

      Lost Hero president trump should have shut down the country in January when half the states still had 0 confirmed cases? You are an idiot, like most Democrats.

    • Bill Herd says:

      Mike C it is not Donald trumps job to single handedly control the Coronavirus. Don’t you idiots get tired of trying to complain about every single word that comes out of the presidents mouth? He’s doing a great job, and will win again.. so shut up and do something to help the world instead of just being a democratic sheep who doesn’t even know what they are complaining about. Idiot

    • Finnessinq Hcf and Overwatch says:

      @Lost Hero Trump is not enforcing quarantine, However he recommends it for the safety of Americans. If He wanted to steal all of the money he would just steal it using the army, furthermore the point that you stated was very opinion base and invalid. The Virus is being contracted at a much slower rate in America than in China.

    • Finnessinq Hcf and Overwatch says:

      @Mike C Many People are being tested however the bill passed by the democratic party which made an attempt to stop the spread was unsuccessful

  3. Samuel Hanna says:

    Good job with social distancing government officials. SMDH

  4. Beagle76 says:

    At least 14 on the stage. They just don’t need to be there just the people speaking.

  5. Jeffrey says:

    “We much rather be ahead of the curve then behind it” Donald Trump

    Jokes on us, we’re already behind the curve….

  6. Kelbin Diaz says:

    Y’all need to give these sick people some money so that they will actually stay home and not go to work because of you know…survival

    • Dylan Batchelor says:

      @CG H yep.. I’m sick & my 7 y/o is sick… We can’t get tested so there’s that.

    • Chief Tahchawwickah says:

      Deportation of Caucasians would be fair for us citizens.

    • Dylan Batchelor says:

      @Chief Tahchawwickah I am completely 100% on board with that. Now’s a good time to take back what’s ours

    • Redman Law 99 says:

      @Yolande Robinson Australia has 25 million people, America has over 325 million people. If you think it’s the same you are delusional. The people who need food will get it. It’s not like our sources are being cut off. People are not being shut off from the world or quarantined unless they have the virus, which is still not that high in America yet, and why we want to keep it that way. This is all precautionary and meant to give us time to limit spread. People can survive just fine for a month and those affected will get their food and be allowed to get their supplies. If they need to pass another 50 billion dollar relief bill for workers they can do so as needed. Maybe if people stopped panicking things would be easier for us all. Trump is now trying to pass an 850 billion dollar relief bill to combat this virus, what more do you want?

    • Chief Tahchawwickah says:

      Redman Law 99
      It’s called Native Karma.
      The time of the Caucasian is Over

  7. Mike Check says:

    Average net worth on stage is $500 million.

    Americans’ net worth is whatever is lost in sofa cushions.

  8. Stephanie Martinez says:

    How about the people who have bills to pay but their job closed down temporarily due to the virus??

    • Gloria Alexander says:

      Hell there are people who live paycheck to paycheck that are probably feeling the affects now. People are worried if they will have a job and money to buy food, pay for rent, make their mortgage pymts, or pay their utility bills, etc. Desperate times people. Unless you are rich have saved or retired drawing a monthly income you are screwed unless someone steps in takes care of it all. Do you think that will happen?? I effing doubt it.

    • Blac Black says:

      @Gloria Alexander help yourself by voting the bums(in charge now) out of office n give THEM a taste of their own virus vaccine.😏 blue wave 2020🌊🌊

    • Diana Moore says:

      Thank you!!! i am already struggling…i have no food!!! Can’t pay rent next month!!!

    • Diana Moore says:

      @BenTrishaLee Martin yes… i am one of those

    • Diana Moore says:

      @Gloria Alexander i am one of those living paycheck to paycheck and in tears now, because i can’t pay rent now and have one bag of oatmeal…that’s it. I just want to give up altogether…tired of struggling

  9. Tina McDermott says:

    Just stop saying “very very” and “incredible” – that would be a big improvement right there.

  10. Hercules Skinny says:

    Is there a plan for those of us who live from pay cheque to pay cheque, dont drive, uses the metro as a way of going back and forth to work with 3 kids and a sick wife?

    • Answers in Reality says:

      @Buzz Killington III Bernie absolutely cares about everyone. His record proves it. Don’t be so blind. It’s time to wake up, things just got very real. Hatred for liberals won’t protect your family from the Republicans’ handling of this pandemic.

    • Juliette Zephyr says:

      @Answers in Reality May I ask where in the EU?

    • farnyone says:

      How much did the government’s around spend on bailing the banks out in 2008?
      Paying peoples bills for a few months would be peanuts compared but unfortunately you live in the land of the free and that means nothing is free …..just wait till you start rolling out the tests properly over there instead of trump holding them back because he doesn’t want bad numbers…then you guys are going to be fucked….good luck everyone

    • TheUnDrunkPCBastard _ says:

      +Rivers Bernie is a Communist bastard that wants a to take our guns. Biden isn’t any better. Trump is the only true choice.
      Trump 2020 – See Clearly

    • its me says:

      @TheUnDrunkPCBastard _ no one wants your guns you fucking moron…no one has said that exept for stupid ass beto…fucking idiot!

  11. ItCould BeWorse says:

    No Grouping Of 10 People Or More ? My Job Definitely Missed The Ball Here 😐😐😐

  12. Champman40 Champman40 says:

    The smile on the black guys face says it all he’s laughing in his head

  13. SoCal Soil Finder says:

    Social Distancing….


  14. Brainstorming Plus says:

    OMG! About time, about time, about time, after all this wasted time! Last to act a bit seriously, in the entire globe! What an absolute mismanagement!!! Now his numbers that he referred to, will really start to increase (Unfortunately)

  15. Sirius Rider says:

    I literally left the US yesterday, for me it was heartbreaking. I’ve worked for 2 straight years to be able to make the trip of my dreams and have sold my motorcycle to do so. In reality I have aborted after nearly 2 weeks, while i had 8 weeks planned. It was enough time to fall in love with you’re country, and hope it will get much better soon. I wish every single American the best, strenght and health.

  16. neothaka says:

    “Nice to see you are practicing social distancing, very nice” – he says surrounded by people, touching everything.

    • Hu Lynn says:

      Trump literally can’t go 10 minutes without touching is face

    • Matt Tabot says:

      He just lies right to peoples faces. Always has, always will. He can’t help it because that is his life.

    • Bonaoa Aoaiia says:


    • Gene Burrell says:

      There must be a vaccine but the working class don’t get it .POTUS and his stooges are grabbing each other’s asses . I know why he said we have complete control of this virus he does where he releases it on the liberal states that fight his agenda. How did we not see this. No cases in Russia or North Korea and Trump’s negative after selfies w infected people there is a vaccine

    • Cherry Cola says:

      Right!!! Wtf

  17. H C says:

    Closed down my bar today. America. let’s get through this and move on so I can supply you all 21 + Americans with the finest spirits. Cheers

    • Jennifer Erickson says:

      @Anti-Antifa Republican Matt Gaetz (6 DUI’s), White House Correspondent Stephanie Grisham (2 DUI’s), and Trump Jr. (fucked-up campus drunkard) are very concerned about your erratic, hypocritical YouTube posts.
      Pssst: I think they’re going to give you an intervention 🍻💉💊

    • Bonaoa Aoaiia says:


    • O&E AUTOBODY says:

      Air travel ok – that’s how it got here

    • Maya Stevens says:

      So glad my kids are on K12 online this year. That might be the new normal for everyone.

    • a p says:

      Anti-Antifa leave him alone. He’s making his living without bothering you.

  18. Duarte Papa Vicente says:

    CDC advices all landlords to stop charging rent.

  19. Jesus Duarte says:

    Meanwhile at my local walmart there is over 300 people walking the store lol

  20. caner demir says:

    Syrian child: I will complain to God.
    Result: Your complaint was considered. Doing required..

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