Trump Asked Comey to End Flynn Probe, Gave Russians Intel: A Closer Look

Trump Asked Comey to End Flynn Probe, Gave Russians Intel: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the White House playing damage control after bombshell reports about President Trump sharing classified info with Russia and asking the FBI to drop investigations into his former National Security Advisor.
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Trump Asked Comey to End Flynn Probe, Gave Russians Intel: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Get Rekt says:

    Trump supporters: Hillary is a threat to national security!

    Trump: **Is a threat to national security**

    Trump supporters: But Hillary!

  2. Dan Aalfs says:

    yet again is anyone surprised ??? come on guys

  3. TehMorbidAtheist says:

    Republicons vote for the craziest morons ever.
    -Bush Jr.

    The last normal Republican was Eisenhower. Teddy Roosevelt was pretty kicka$s, too. I wonder why Republicons never say they are the party of “Teddy Roosevelt”. Now you know.

  4. WanderingTaoist101 says:

    The orange oppressor is a petty tyrant and a traitor. He might be the first POTUS to severe 20 to life.

  5. TehMorbidAtheist says:

    Drumpf’s impeachment will get higher TV ratings than Bill Clinton’s impeachment.
    Drumpf will be happy. 
    He likes ratings.

  6. Alex Oelkers says:

    Its time Republicans knock it the hell off and stop making excuses for Trump… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  7. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    Russia: Wait, is this intelligence real?
    Trump: Israel.

  8. fernando wetherbee says:


  9. Jess Liu says:

    there’s honestly a part of me that feels horribly bad for sean spicer

  10. Juan Rodriguez says:

    I’m telling you right now. Mark my words. This, if true, will single handily be the reason why this so-called president will be impeached. I welcome you to the beginning of the end of the Trump administration. Finally.

  11. Dikran Bakkalian says:

    Well, Trump promised to run the state as he runs his business and seeing that he has gone bankrupt maaaaany times, I would say he kept his promise…

  12. ethan eng says:

    Man and we thought Bush was bad???

  13. MissK says:

    Trump is so fucking stupid!!!!!

  14. mike gerth says:

    Trump supporters should simply admit they just don’t care that Trump is colliding with Russia.

  15. FaZe ChickenNugget says:

    Yeah if we could just go ahead and start the impeachment process that would be great.

  16. Jane Lin says:

    Public: Mr. President, can we impeach you?
    Trump: No!
    Public: But your impeachment will get bigger ratings than the Apprentice, FOX News and the Superbowl put together…
    Trump: I’m in!

  17. Hook3d says:

    “I’ll eat anything as long as it comes with tax breaks” – the most accurate description of Paul Ryan ever uttered

  18. nosuchthing8 says:

    I used to joke that Trump could reveal classified info to America’s enemies and his supporters would turn a blind eye to it. Sheesh.

  19. michelle deville says:

    Nixon: Watergate was such a huge scandal, I bet no president after me could even come close to what I did.

    Trump: Hold my chocolate cake.

  20. Deep Patel says:

    Trump Is The Living Proof That Electoral College Should Be Removed

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