Trump Attacks Comey, Makes Cabinet Praise Him: A Closer Look

Trump Attacks Comey, Makes Cabinet Praise Him: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Republicans’ tactic of attacking the credibility of former FBI Director James Comey, stirring up a he-said-he-said debate.
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Trump Attacks Comey, Makes Cabinet Praise Him: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. EmpireSun says:

    These videos make the depressing reality of this administration less dark.

  2. Get Rekt says:

    Trump calling anyone a liar is like a snail telling you that you’re slow.

  3. Luke Robinson says:

    Those thank you’s were so cringy

  4. Lenner Witron says:

    Trump is such a compulsive liar. How can people actually believe anything he says?

  5. Adam Tak says:

    Trump is beyond pathetic, and his yes-men are no better…

  6. the_dead_poet says:

    _Donald Trump being Honest_ is like _Charlie Sheen being celibate_

  7. Ashley S. MacKenzie says:

    Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

  8. Why you gotta go there says:

    I don’t really even care anymore. The real problem are his followers. I mean just for one example look at how many millions Melania has used up since she didn’t stay in the white house. It turns out that more money was spent on her staying in New York every week than is on the homeless every month.

    *Starbucks wants to give jobs to 10,000 refugees all over the world in 5 years time*


    *Melania used up millions for protection every week she stayed in new york, and it’s even more money than what goes to help the homeless every month?*


  9. Barry Nichols says:

    Those cabinet secretaries. What a pack of groveling cowardd

  10. Phaota says:

    “Greed, treachery, stupidity, cupidity, positive power of lying, total contempt for any sort of constructive political instinct..everything that’s wrong with America, and everything this country has demonstrated as a national trait, that the role finds repugnant, the bully instinct, the power grab, the dumbness, the insensitivity. Nixon represents everything that’s wrong with this country.” – Hunter S. Thompson (1978) Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?

  11. Tawanda Branch says:

    When I would tell my kids “I hope you cleaned your rooms”. my kids knew exactly what I meant.they knew I was not hoping and wishing.

  12. ShuiYueSketchbook says:

    I am Republican and I am disgusted by Donald Trump and frankly by the GOP establishment and their near total lack of integrity. These are not the actions of the party I signed up for. I can’t believe how easily and quickly they threw their morals in the trash. The party I knew would be flaying Donald for his dangerous Authoritarian nonsense. Trump’s con is so obvious and yet they continually fall for it.

  13. Hector Rubio says:

    He is going to lie under oath. plain and simple.

  14. Eve Bert says:

    I’ve never seen such Sycophants – it’s disgusting.

  15. The Blackcollar says:

    I have heard of circle jerks but had never seen one before. Looked like Voldermort and his deatheaters at the dinner table.

  16. NaksPizza says:

    When will Americans stop saying: “give him a break. he’s new”

  17. Michael Anderson says:

    Trump not only demands loyalty, he demands praise as well. What a piece of work. smh

  18. Edgar vega says:

    Man I thought we had one Clown in the White House. Apperantly there’s a whole cabinet. WTFF????

  19. Leanne Blake says:

    Those people praising him ‘honouring him’, so sicking .

  20. Gabriel Chia says:

    I take offense to calling Trump’s cabinet mostly white. Their noses are clearly brown.

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