Trump Attacks Protesting Athletes: A Closer Look

Trump Attacks Protesting Athletes: A Closer Look

Seth takes a break from breaking news to check in on how President Trump spent the weekend attacking athletes for peacefully protesting police brutality.
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Trump Attacks Protesting Athletes: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Jose Malave says:

    Trump is right, it is a privilage fucking NFL who makes millions of dollars disrestpects us hard working Americans because they assume police all all brutal. I’m from Puerto Rico and we are fine thanks to the help sent from our country the US. NFL if you don’t like it donate all you’re million to all hard working Americans.

  2. ninetyweeks says:

    Get the orange SOB off the field right now.

  3. PowWow says:

    just leaving a comment to support Seth.

  4. Ernest Brewer says:

    keep disrespectful to America and Americans eventually we will stop watching sports all together and then you will have to get a real job and work like the people you are disrespecting

  5. Gerald K says:

    If it wasn’t for our prez, Seth Meyers wouldn’t have a job.

  6. Joe Cee says:

    Liberals live inside false MSM narratives so of course think that everyone is on their side. Then they look and see that the GOP controls the entire government and 34 out of 50 state houses.

  7. Jason Chicoine says:

    The president is “a asshole”
    Grammer police needed

  8. Virtual Media says:

    Less people are watching football because they are watching Seth Meyers point out our presidents ignorance.

  9. River Song says:

    Don’t let this fool swindle the world

  10. qdkqzdkm klzkmld says:

    Murica, the place where everything is propaganda & everyone is a puppet

  11. dbhc Gaming says:

    daaamnnnn Seth was on fire with this one.
    This episode was the best one I’ve seen so far.

  12. Tim Parker says:

    Black peoplr just play thr race card every single time. It makes me sick and im asian

  13. Matthew Cadle says:

    people like u are retarted

  14. Donald J Trumptard says:

    The triggered trumpturd snowflakes close their eyes while sucking trump’s dick and they suck trump’s dick so often, they can’t see that they are disrespecting the American flag every time they wave the confederate and nazi flags and support the 5 time draft dodger but they still keep sucking.

  15. Dave C. says:

    This host is truly an idiot.

  16. QPGAMERBOII - says:

    Abraham Lincoln was be disappointed he would has hired a hitman

  17. Franchesco Pye says:

    when the NFL takes the moral highground, you know something is wrong

  18. Jacky Niu says:

    Trump is not the president America need, but the one it deserves.

    He’s a angry wall builder

    A raging twitter spamer

    An orange knight.

  19. Erth Mann says:

    Attacking police brutality? Is that the reason for disrespecting our veterans and our nation? They picked the wrong venue. Why didn’t they protest outside the police barracks that they believe to be the offenders?

  20. MrHogslice says:

    America no longer deserves freedom and prosperity. We will no longer bask in the blessings of the Lord. The leadership we elected and God has appointed has betrayed us all. Rebellion, immorality and decadence will be the final spirit to move within the hearts of our falling nation.

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