Trump becomes first US president to step into North Korea

Trump becomes first US president to step into North Korea

US President Donald Trump has become the first US president to go into North Korea while leader.

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49 Responses

  1. Jeffery L. Elliott says:

    Mr. President your doing a fine job! God Bless You Mr. Trump, for being such a fine businessman and leader of our country.

  2. Gonzo the great says:

    Well done trump
    Absolute world leader
    Australia loves your work

  3. P. D. says:

    He Tweeted that he was open to doing this and he did. I frickin love our POTUS!!!!!

  4. richard clark says:

    Way to go, Mr. President. I hear another Democratic Collusion in the making.

  5. surfdogdude says:

    If Trump pulls this off, NOBEL Peace Prize- for what that is worth. They did give one to Barry for doing nothing, so….

    • Angie Jeffrey says:

      surfdogdude Barry earned his by becoming president….. laughable but sadly it’s true. Obama is a clown and a joke, yet not very funny considering how badly he hurt America

    • nigel mk says:

      @Angie Jeffrey true

  6. Donnie Molchan says:

    I like hearing the press getting all pissed off at the beginning.
    Hey, where is Acosta?

  7. David Council says:

    If Obama had done this , Liberals would be demanding another Nobel prize
    BUT, since it’s Trump , Liberals will spew hate filled criticisms

    • Zeroshiki says:

      @Nikita Dragovich It’s gonna get us killed, dude .. Making friends with dictators and making enemies of our allies. Real smart.

    • tossed but not sunk ss says:

      @Das Kaninchen only in certain parts. Places like California and Oregon absolutely but just like almost all oved western civilization the left will eat it’s own if they aren’t in lock step with each other.

    • Knoxxgrim says:

      whatever…trump didnt get anything from it… see … have to understand north korea loves stupid people and they no trump is the most dumbest president the united states ever had …..trump may have made history but you need to know….nothing will come of it….obama was smart….he could have met with him …but it would be like beating a dead horse….nothing would come of it but a waste of his time

  8. Bubba Toonday says:

    I’m gonna have a laugh seeing how the Fake Stream Media spins this into their usual “Orange man bad!”—-drivel.

  9. Richard Lee says:

    Mr. Trump don’t bury his head in the sand I’m very thankful he is our president.

    • Svcri Gacha says:

      Richard Lee how are you thankful he is literally killing people y’all need to wake up and understand he’s not here for y’all he’s here for the fame he doesn’t care about you he cares about money

    • Lil Nas Y says:

      @Svcri Gacha yea,science bitch (saying the full meme not calling you a bitch)

  10. MrJakeMallard says:

    Trump is showing the world that the USA can have relationships with countries without bullying and warfare. This is surely a strange concept for the past leaders who only knows to send in the troops. This is a great day. Diplomacy trumps warmongering anyway.

  11. Tara Robinson says:

    I’m impressed and oddly proud of Trump. This is historically magnificent!
    You go Trump!

    • ziggilypiggily says:

      We don’t know what Trump all agreed to in order to enter N Korea. Or what their true plans may be.

    • Dunnid Hegrees Jeather Lacket says:

      @ziggilypiggily As much fuck shit as he takes part in, he’s always done it with the idea that it’s for the preservation and betterment of America, whether that’s true or not.

    • Zed says:

      Tara Robinson why tho?

    • Tara Robinson says:

      @Zed why? Its no biggie. It just made me oddly proud. He’s still an ass. I know that. Just what I felt at that moment. Its nothing

  12. Kevin Kwasniewski says:

    Congratulations!!!! I hope a peace treaty will be signed. ??

  13. Nick Wood says:

    Am I the only one who paused this video so I could get my bong ready?

    This is content worth smoking to. Nice smoke sesh with Kim and Don.

  14. Janet Castro says:

    From New Jersey USA proud of our President Trump !! United in Love !

  15. Mr Nice Guy says:

    From California, liberal capital of America, I absolutely loved this moment. God bless our president.

  16. Axel Nine says:

    This is a HUGE story and nobody in the MSM is covering it. Thank God we have Australia to cover news about our country… what a joke.

    Thank you again President Trump. Can’t wait to see you win again in 2020.

  17. Satya Raja says:

    I have to admit
    Donald Trump lives the Thug Life ?

    I don’t agree with him on many things but have to acknowledge his daring character

  18. gmc 1570 says:

    Another 4 more yrs. TRUMP. Action Speak louder than words.. ??

  19. Johnny Mnemonic says:

    Sky News: Trump becomes first US president to step into North Korea!

    CNN: Trump invades North Korea!

  20. cafemartini says:

    “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

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