Trump Blames Puerto Rico For Running Up His Budget

Trump Blames Puerto Rico For Running Up His Budget

President Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico quickly shifted from providing relief for hurricane victims to practicing his jump shot.

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20 Responses

  1. Mohammad Ahmadi says:

    This guy’s beyond stupid and the people who voted for him and still support him well you can’t call them dumb or stupid because that’s too nice lol

  2. chasemebaby says:

    Melania looks great but its so 1950’s that she just sits or stands silently. Michelle used to say kind words, help out in the crowds and was allowed to be a person. Melanie is only allowed to be a presence to flatter the fat man in charge. A stunning flawless presence, none the less. lol

  3. Helping Handy says:

    45 is the sewage of hell, just trash..junk

  4. J Pierre says:

    I think we are on our own America – Please help the victims if you can :
    here is the video from Lin-Martin to plead for help as well : I could only give a small amount but you would be amazed how even $10 (2 latte’s) can help these devastated American families . The electricity grid is destroyed comletely. Please help

  5. Pipa Vazquez says:

    The US is so advanced they have a toddler as their president

  6. Thiessen Yang says:

    america is sooo stupid XD getting this guy in power

  7. HOMER DRUMPF says:

    Who else gets brain damage from watching trump?

    I understand why racsit love him. They share the same IQ.

  8. Emma The Paper Quiller says:

    Oh my god. Our family is uscg and this makes me 😂😂😂 so much lmao

  9. DVD EXTRAS says:

    Its goes from bad to worse, whenever he makes a public speech.

  10. typeRsol says:

    REALLY?!?!?!? this is a commander in chief…. what have you done America…. tramp visiting there is a disaster itself

  11. Coolhwhip says:

    Well, in November I thought a rich, reality show model harasser with no political experience would be a terrible way to represent America. Unfortunately I was not proved wrong.

  12. edwin gonzalez says:

    the governer e his wife are like this guy is a clown

  13. Mark Jones says:

    Stephen Colbert get’s a big “F” for being a one trick pony.

  14. AnointedSong says:

    *sigh* I’m numb from the dumb.

  15. Diana Erickson says:

    The chaos released from jail this past week is called OJ Simpson. The Las Vegas killer, Paddock, is part of that chaos. Player #32 and floor #32.

    Killer had reason to believe that OJ would be staying nearby the Mandalay Bay hotel his first nights out of jail, and that it was planned with his kids to be anonymously in the audience of the concert after sunset that night.

    The Shooter has a grievance with OJ. He spent most of the night trying to locate him through his gun scopes and binoculars knowing OJ would be surrounded by family and friends in the audience.
    Last song of the concert was coming up and he had not been able to visually locate OJ. He had made a pledge years ago to enact mayhem if OJ got released from prison in his lifetime. He wanted to ‘obliterate’ him. He thought there was no going back now. He was just going to spray the whole crowd with his legal privately owned automatic slaughter machines hoping to get oj and all his kids and friends. They were all going to die that night. He didn’t need a scope any longer to do this heinous act. He was intending the slaughter was going to be a ‘turkey shoot’ with all the fans (20k+) imprisoned in a chain link cage and trampling all the wounded and slain.

    So he was sending OJ a big and frightening message.
    OJ was a hero to the baby boomer generation (such as Paddock 64 yo killer) (64/2=32) Millinials may not know the bright side of OJ’s life as an NFL super star football player #32. Killed from Floor #32.
    It has been said that there are some ‘odds’ being run out of Vegas on how many days OJ will stay alive after his release.

  16. Katia Karenina says:

    Some of his memes from the Puerto Rico trip will live forever pop culture infamy. As they should. Can we have Dubya back, PLEASE???

  17. ty bang music says:

    Go check out my you tube

  18. Creepy Stares says:

    Trump acted like his arrival meant the roads were cleared, electricity restored, peace on the streets, parties on the beaches.

    Everyday we realize how fucked we really are.

  19. Expats In Thailand says:

    Trump is a barnacle on the keel of humanity!

  20. ArchHighLordOmega -Revelation19:17,18 says:

    I’m gonna LAUGH SO HARD. When commie cuckfag TRAITORS like Colbert end up with their heads on pikes.

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