Trump Calls for Hate Crimes to Stop

Trump Calls for Hate Crimes to Stop

President-elect Donald Trump urged Americans not to be afraid of his presidency Sunday as thousands of Americans continue to demonstrate against him and his victory.

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20 Responses

  1. Rheana Roubideaux says:

    I’ll save you guy from this

  2. The Wall says:

    I will protect my creator: Trump.

  3. thatblondeweirdo says:

    What about the illegal immigrants that aren’t breaking any laws? Why not
    find a way for them to gain citizenship?

  4. Nolasko Guzman says:

    The show it’s over ,,,, welcome to reality !!!!!! Soft soft

  5. bmtten says:

    The reason trump is saying he hates immigrants is because he doesn’t hate
    foreigners period. It’s because he doesn’t like the ones that have broken
    the law and are living in America illegally. That in my opinion is
    perfectly fine.

  6. Patrick Bateman says:

    Just like Brexit, angry teenagers rioting in the streets. I sincerely hope
    that they have to suffer the true horror of an authoritarian government in
    their lifetime, seeing as democracy isn’t good enough for them.

  7. Charles Randolph says:

    Anybody else have a crush on Princess Daisy, the Mario Character?

  8. Lucas Ho says:

    Instead of denying the 400k salary, why didnt he pay the 400 million tax
    money that he owes us?

  9. Phillip873 says:

    I actually want these crybaby fucks to move to Canada so America doesn’t
    have to deal with them

  10. Phrancis5 says:

    “Stop the hate crimes”, but then picks Joseph Goebbels – err I mean Steve
    Bannon as strategist…

    “And then picks washington insiders and lobbyists as the rest of his
    cabinet… How’s that “Drain the swamp” and “no pay for play workin out?

  11. Trevor Renkevens says:

    I don’t understand why people say he is racist. When he says deporting
    people, he is talking about drug dealers and criminals. His wall and the
    deportation of those people will probably slow down the drug trade which is
    what this country needs.

  12. Charles Bowen says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but Mr. Trump, thank you for telling the
    racists and bigots to stop it

  13. Tonberry Queen says:

    *This* is the “evil man” everyone’s so “scared” about? Whatever…

  14. My God, It's Full of Stars says:

    Fake hate crimes committed by leftist democrats so they can post it on
    Facebook & blame all white people. The same strategy George Soros used in
    the Ukraine to divide the people.

  15. SeñorDrumass says:

    well instead of hating trump and acting like animals and give trump a
    chance we have him now all we can do is hope he’ll try his best

  16. baler johnson says:

    Trump calls for the end to hate crimes ? He should have thought about that
    when all he did during the campaign was facilitate hate speech . Wow .

  17. TheLegendAron says:

    If he actually just deports criminals and leave innocent families alone
    then it’s all fine. No need to protest. Everyone should just wait to see
    what he actually does. Give him a chance.

  18. Matthoole1 says:

    Trump is awesome!! He is acting very presidential, exactly what the left
    said he could not do, and the left is acting exactly like they thought
    Trump would act. Such f..king hypocrites. As an African American lawyer in
    this country, I am a proud Trump supporter!!

  19. Chuy Bear says:

    I’m a trump supporter and I hate those fucking racist trump supporters that
    are racist as fuck. listen here you racist cunts, this is America. In
    America, we’re all equal. If you guys can’t accept Africans, Hispanics,
    Muslims, and Gays; Get the fuck out.

  20. Alice K says:

    I was never a trump supporter in the first place neither was a Hillary
    supporter. When the election came me and my family felt that it was better
    to have a republican in the white house than a democrat. Now that Trump has
    won the election I feel that we still have to show a little respect. I
    understand that a lot of people don’t want hi for president but he’s still
    going to be our president! The things that are happening right now are
    truly saddening! I would be saying the exact same things if this was
    happening with Hillary Clinton. Not because I like them, not because I was
    a supporter, but because I’m an American who wants our leaders to succeed!
    Don’t we all want that? All these protests and riots are only slowing
    things and putting unacceptable disrespect towards our current president
    and our future one.