Trump Calls Non-White Countries “S**tholes”: The Daily Show

Trump Calls Non-White Countries “S**tholes”: The Daily Show

During a White House meeting on immigration, President Trump questions why people from “s**thole countries” like Haiti and African nations are allowed to come to the U.S.

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96 Responses

  1. Francky Studios, LLC says:

    I’m also from shithole and offended

  2. Kookoo for these COCOPUFFS! says:

    Hail the great God choosen man that every conservatards in the U.S. has been dreaming of! Hmmm if it looks like a Orange but talks like a snowflake then there’s a big chance its a big fat orange snowflake! 😂😂😂🍊❄

    • Kenny says:

      Kookoo for these COCOPUFFS! Global warming is real… The polar trumpflake is melting down… Bigly…

    • brostenen says:

      Kookoo for these COCOPUFFS! As they say…. Dont eat yellow snow. And if you have orange pee, then you have a strong urine, and need to eat more healthy. Then again…. Orange snowflake… Yeah… With all that fastfood and cola.

    • Kookoo for these COCOPUFFS! says:

      The Glorious Champion of all that is Good and Just My apologies I have forgotten about that… O.K. just trumptards!😃👍

    • Charlotte Hawkins says:

      Please don’t insult snowflakes 😂😂😂💖💖

    • monokhem says:

      Don’t say conservatards. You are just as stupid as they are and when you talk like that it gives the impression that is true of the rest of us.

  3. 223Drone says:

    Trump might as well have said “I prefer white immigrants” he’s no longer hiding his racist views.

    • monokhem says:

      Calling this racist is counterproductive. First of all the statement itself is in no way inherently racist. Norway is objectively one of the best countries. Haiti is objectively one of the worst.

      What’s the real problem here is how horribly unstatesman like it is for a head of state to refer to any country in such a way. Not only that but the Idea that we only take immigrants from the best countries totally ignores the purpose of immigration.

      Neo liberals get to wound up playing racism tag and don’t pay attention to what is really important.

    • 6.5ft Kristaps Porzingis says:

      There are 5 million whites in south africa

    • GorillaGuerilla says:

      Oh please, have you ever heard of coded language?

    • lyni50 says:

      223Drone He’s never really hidden his racism. Only the racists defend his rhetoric, and the MSM just dances around it.

    • Sleepy Dan says:

      lyni50 Sorry, but having a different political opinion than yours doesn’t make someone a racist.

      Calling a PLACE shitty has never been considered racist before. Never. Otherwise, you’re a racist if you’ve ever called a restaurant bad and people of other skin colors eat/work there.

  4. Vanessa West says:

    Well there you have it folks, Trump doesn’t have a problem with white immigrants, ya know… just the brown ones 😑

  5. purnay en says:

    Lol, can’t believe stuff like this is normal and “acceptable” now. We’ve become immune.

    • dat doo says:

      They literally eat dirt cookies in Haiti

    • Darklink9110 says:

      They are not shitholes!!! Racists!!!!

    • Enlightened Perry says:

      Africa is a continent Jon. It’s not a country. Also you could say the same thing about the italians, the Irish, AND the chinese at one point in history within america. Go pick up a history book and learn something you clearly couldn’t retain from high school

    • Sleepy Dan says:

      Every place was a shithole at some point in history, so that’s a really bad argument. Haiti is a shithole NOW.

    • monokhem says:

      Irland was a shithole when most of the Irish came here too. It isn’t really an argument against immigration. Haitian Immigrants have already been a major boon to the US economy.

  6. Cubester64 says:

    What is life anymore?
    Are the ideals of the Enlightenment, of logic and scientific reason, dead?

  7. b ss says:

    trump for prison 2018!

  8. Katie Church says:

    If England doesn’t take us back soon, I’m escaping to Canada

  9. Nawnp MCPE says:

    1.Ireland is the “whitest country”.
    2.There are black people in Norway.
    3.Lets be honest why Trump said Norway, because the meeting yesterday it was likely the first country he remembered that wasn’t African, he doesn’t want to to overtime it.

  10. Paul Ramos says:

    Isn’t America becoming the “shithole” right now due to Dotard? Miss the good old days!

  11. Miguel Vasconcelos says:

    I’m from Portugal 🇵🇹 and I don’t want to be an immigrant in a country that has Donald Trump as a president.

  12. Andrew De Jesus says:

    And critics tell Trevor Noah to butt out of American politics. They cannot say that now after Trump said that about a whole continent plus Haiti.

  13. jerhaoui othmane says:

    Getting people from Norway…I think Norway is way better than the US… people there wouldn’t even accept you as an immigrant 😂 you’re too ratchet for them

  14. V I N 7 says:

    He is the s***hole president

    • Darklink9110 says:

      V I N 7 yea those countries are not shitholes!!! They are very privileged countries! If anybody disagrees they are racist

  15. Andreas Eide says:

    For us Norwegians, The US is a shithole

  16. despairia says:

    Please don’t speak about Norway, Trump. As a Norwegian, hearing the name from your mouth makes me feel dirty.

    • despairia says:

      Balle Klorin – Hah! Good one. XD

    • Balle Klorin says:

      Thats because NRK told you so,idiot

    • On Taka says:

      He just recently had a meeting with the Norwegian prime minister recently so he couldn’t help himself talk about Norway. Don’t worry. In a few days, he’ll totally forgot about Norway. He usually remembers only countries which he can make enemies out of them.

    • Sauron The Deceiver says:

      Darklink9110 Norway is in the top ranks of being happiest country in the world.Now please hold this L and take a break from the internet before you pollute it further with your ignorance and stupidity.

    • Samantha Harris says:

      Yes. Please don’t talk about us. Leave us peacefully in the cold and dark, thanks.

  17. Pencil Wisdom says:

    Moonscreen lol

  18. Nort Hitora says:

    Very accurate representation of the US 🙂 love from El Salvador it’s fun to watch this clown that you guys call President..

  19. Don Kapsalon says:

    why would anyone from norway move to america haha!

  20. SuperSoulja68 says:

    Stable genius huh…Mr President, can you point to Norway on a map please?😠….but that would be waaaaay to much of a challenge because he would have to know how to spell it! 😂

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