Trump: ‘Clinton Created ISIS with Obama’

Trump: ‘Clinton Created ISIS with Obama’

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump blasted the Obama administration on its relationship with Iran and its handling of the Islamic State group. He also said Hillary Clinton “created ISIS with Obama.” (Jan. 2)

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20 Responses

  1. gotem nigah says:

    running for president reminds me of a new girl i want to have sex with.
    Tell her what she wants to hear til i get in her pants. That’s what
    presidents and running candidate do tell the bitches (public) or ppl that
    vote. what they want to hear. just before they fuck your life up.

  2. Ari Wein says:

    Yooooooo this is getting way out of hand ?

  3. blood bath says:

    like him or not
    hes telling the truth
    9/11 was an inside job and bush did it.

  4. Maria Ramirez says:

    I want what he’s taking!!!!!!! ?

  5. Dominic Villarreal says:

    I think is the one video I have come across where the video has more
    dislikes than likes

  6. Justin Townsend says:

    It is easier for a camel to fit n the eye of a needle than for a rich man
    to get into heaven

  7. Devin Velazquez (DiviUp) says:

    I was at this rally. Thank God it was free. My friend Brad and I went to
    this thing to see the crazy first hand and it was insane. Maybe 10
    minorities in the entire building including the Secret Service guy that
    checked us in. I’ll be more lenient and say 20 because obviously i didn’t
    see everyone. So much hate fueled chanting and cheering. People screaming
    kill them all, shoot them all referring to Muslims and Democrats alike. Yes
    referring to other Americans with opposing ideas. I’m a registered
    Republican but anyone who knows the history of the party knows that its no
    longer truly Republican. Trump once again spat out his fairy tale promises
    with zero explanation on how he intends to achieve any of it. Continues to
    just say the words i’m gonna make this better and that better and i’m gonna
    put the right people here and there. No one ever makes him explain. And the
    mob of sheep doesn’t care. Its infuriating. I came away so disappointed in
    the lack of all those 13,000+ people’s ability to think freely as an
    individual. To look deeper and understand that this guy is all surface and
    no substance. And also the fact that he’s a Democrat that only switched
    allegiance because he knew there were no strong candidates. He constantly
    from his own mouth spews anti constitutional rhetoric. He preaches
    religious persecution and genocide and also freely vomits out that he wants
    to restrict freedom of speech. He’s completely off the rails against the
    1st amendment. But the sheep flock to him and thats so very dangerous. And
    thats not even close to all of the flaws in his foreign relations and
    foreign policy. We’d have no allies left. Our debts to nations like China,
    Japan, and Mexico would be called in and we’d be owned. Being America we’d
    of course not accept that and boom World War 3 because the only solution to
    not paying a debt we owe and getting taken over would be to fight our

  8. agustin acevez says:

    hopefully you fucken die one day bitch

  9. Radmure Tully says:

    >Associated Press
    Your nose is showing, google.

  10. Robin says:


  11. MuchFleek PS3 says:

    to think he wouldnt get more stupider xD

  12. Ghost Wolf says:


  13. Gladys D. Z. says:

    ISIS is a distraction, meanwhile they are changing our constitution and
    taking away our rights by creating situations where all the citizens will
    take arms against each other and that will be an excuse for martial law,
    will be the beginning of the new world order and volunteer slavement. We
    must read, inform and try not to be judgemental against democratas or
    republicans. Both parts are guilty of corruption, we should not believed
    everything they said, investigated and debated without insults. Work your
    mind out the box, we are running out of time.

  14. Boom BoomCake says:

    I hate Trump how he thinks he is gonna win and he has to come up with a
    bull story of how they created Isis if they created Isis then why is
    Clinton running for president if they are gonna destroy the United States
    there is no point so shut up Trump

  15. SuperSaiyanBlast says:

    sad that this asshole is the reason why people now hate even more your
    country (even more than before). Besides Bush created ISIS when he went and
    fucked Iraq up without any reason FOR THE OIL. Damn it makes me sick to
    watch this asshole. Can’t he slip in the shower and break his neck?
    Humanity would lose nothing.

  16. Daniel Wu says:

    Isreal, Saudi Arabia,Cia and the approval of Obama and the Bush& Clinton
    family also bunch of American corporate lobbyist. The root of evil that
    created IsIs to rob Iran and Syria’s oil. This is the truth

  17. Zaylon Ballard says:

    If someone has a brain, they can make you think their a fool. If someone’s
    a fool, everyone thinks their a genius.

  18. Wavell Watson says:

    i see the face of a less upfront hitler

  19. Kevin “The Cadet” R. says:

    I bet he paid the people to hold the signs in the back or they are just
    dumb fucks

  20. Danny Diaz says:

    He is such an idiot