Trump, Coronavirus Task Force answer questions in press conference

Trump, Coronavirus Task Force answer questions in press conference

President Donald Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force hold daily White House press briefing.

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83 Responses

  1. jdmalm123 says:

    Let’s make America
    “Made in America”

    • d ellingson says:

      @Antifa Member home to china commie mouth piece. Useful idiot, so funny these murderous communist sictator’s had a name for you fools. Hey your going to loose again.

    • Downright Dutch says:

      Heather Lewison Amen. And fas.cist Antifa will not HIDE their pale, white raishjisth coward faces anymore behind their masks!✝️‼️‼️‼️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Downright Dutch says:

      jdmalm123 Sure, amen! And sometimes (often) to confront and REBUKE the enemy or brother: its a PRIVE of love:
      Leviticus 19:17 You shall not hate your ❤️ brother in your heart; but you shall surely rebuke your neighbor, lest you incur sin because of him. [Gal. 6:1; I John 2:9, 11; 3:15.]

    • Beaye says:

      Americans suck at making things though. That’s why no one wants American products globally.

    • Downright Dutch says:

      Beaye NO. YOu suck.

  2. J LOVE says:

    Playing titanic song when violins kept playing hopefully see you guys come Easter stay in stay safe with Love

  3. David G says:

    Trump should shut down local flights
    Look at Florida we got people coming from NY and NJ we don’t know if they are sick

  4. Irish O'Toole says:

    The reporters ask the same questions over and over again. My grandchildren could ask more intelligent questions.

    • Fredrick Fortson says:

      That’s because they can’t get a straight answer out of this lying azz President…

    • Deus Ex says:

      Most of these arent reporters. They’re extreme leftist political hacks trying to find a “Gotcha” question. Thats why your grandchildren would ask a serious question. Because theyre not evil like these leftists.

    • God Loving American says:

      @Thrasymachus Monk your an idiot, Trump is the Best President in American History

    • God Loving American says:

      @Thrasymachus Monk look up Kim Clement on Utube and listen to his predictions IF you believe in God

    • Pablo Frias says:

      @Jackie Ann gotcha questions like “where are supplies going” and “where did you those numbers”?

  5. Gary says:


    • PHT Tran says:

      @Chooey Sooares stop being guilty of labeling people u zoomer!!!

    • Chooey Sooares says:

      @PHT Tran You Boomers are so sensitive😂😂😂

    • PHT Tran says:

      @Chooey Sooares 100% boomer!!! Bank Account Booming!!! College Degree Booming!!! house in the suburbs paid off BOOMING!!! beuatiful wife (whom I love) BOOMING!!!! have fun with global warming zoomer….looooollll

    • Andrew Young says:

      Gary its already all over the country dummy

    • Jesse Smith says:

      Michael Wood I doubt it since fascist trump thrives on his fascist campaign rallies. He’s not able to lie to his base at the moment which is why he wants everything to be back to normal by Easter. In contradiction as to what the infectious disease experts are saying. But he’s not a carrier doctor and that’s what republicans want right now lol

  6. The Light Side says:

    Please stop cutting off the beginning of the press conferences. How hard is it to hit the RECORD button before he starts talking?

    • Holy Hex says:

      @Pablo Frias Yet you only have 1 example. What about Reuters, AP, CNN, NBC, CBS, etc.? The vast majority is as I said. You can’t look at the minority, then claim that is the rule. It is dishonest analysis. Like I said, I am no fan of the president, but try to be objective.

    • Noob Slayer says:

      @Glowgirl cowgirl go to kitchen

    • Justin says:

      Why would you RECORD this? You could just record turds in a toilet and get the same level of intelligence.

    • The Light Side says:

      @Justin Why would you watch it?

    • Pablo Frias says:

      @Holy Hex Fox pretends to be an outsider in news media while bragging about being the biggest news corporation. It is playing both the victim and victor, knowing that their viewers won’t question the hypocrisy. Other news media don’t pander to these conspiratorial narratives of a news media deep state.

      I don’t know what you mean by examples here

  7. MOS says:

    We all want to be out & about, so STAY HOME NOW, so we can get back to that SOON.

    • Kali and Madonna Owczarki Niemieckie says:

      Raptorman 43 absolutely not. I want this to be over by now.

    • Downright Dutch says:

      Roy 1776 Okay, that was a loooong time ago, when life was easier and more honest and transparent? I think anyway, most Dutch were (or still even are) more transparent, easier and louder with their big mouths🤪📣 than Germans?
      Personally I started to love the USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 more and more, day and night I follow your amazing Potus and your amazing godly ✝️❤️history (Federer Nieuwsletters every day!). For many years I dont live in Holland🇳🇱 anymore. The country – mindset of people- has changed a lot, when Gods Word closed more and more and arrogant leftists take over.

    • Raptorman 43 says:

      @Downright Dutch Trump could be the antichrist the great deceiver for all anyone knows read the bible the end of days!

    • Raptorman 43 says:

      @Kali and Madonna Owczarki Niemieckie It won’t be over soon without marital law a total lockdown of everyone to stay inside! Like China did pretty much!

    • Raptorman 43 says:

      @Cindy Merkley That is exactly what I said he wants to open up things up by easter which is way too soon so yes it is what he said! Wants to and Hope’s to means the exact same thing!!

  8. Bill 3 says:

    If I go to work in the food or grocery industry to keep American’s eating and get sick from being exposed at work, will Worker’s Comp cover the cost of the illness and medical treatment?
    My guess is no. not at all.

  9. Matthew Carpenter says:

    deblasio and caranza!!!! Liberals get ya killed

  10. Lori Fulton says:

    shut down all flights coming out of New York period

    • Nonnis _ says:

      Heather Lewison that’s exactly what korea should be doing it right now.

    • Shelia Royce says:

      You can tell when you dealing with someone who school bus wasn’t very long.

    • souls cry says:

      …and California

    • Rick Dean says:

      New York is nothing but loud mouth filthy pushy people. I moved to Kansas and love the easy going nice people. Hey New Yorkers…..Kansas doesn’t want you. Stay there and let the virus “thin the herd” since you guys ignore the stay at home order. Think not? Look at a few NY street web cams. You guys are clueless.

    • J Berger says:

      You idiots think this is a NY problem? Believe me, once we get over it and the rest of the country is still spreading it to each other on the beaches and in the packed churches Trump loves so much, I would like nothing more than to close NY’s borders to anyone coming in. Idiots.

  11. MakeLemonade says:

    If he wants it to happen by Easter than EVERY STATE needs to institute lockdown. No meeting with friends and families. Only grocery shopping. Maintain six feet of space. The more who do this the faster we can get through this tragedy.

    • Raptorman 43 says:

      Without marital law and total lockdown they wont stop crap! I dont care for China’s government but at least they get the job done and know how to lock it down to stop a virus in its tracks!

    • Pete Heinz says:

      MakeLemonade this is air bourne 6 ft doesn’t matter

    • usafpilot says:

      Brace for impact, and yet, be hopeful. Look for a possible lockdown, beginning next week, until possibly Good Friday. Easter is POTUS’ goal. I believe it’s all good, in the greater picture. Short-term pain, for long-term gain. Trust POTUS. There won’t be martial law. Nat’l Guard to remain under command of governors. Optics is everything. New York and California are POTUS’ focus. Where we go one, we go all. Hold on and trust the plan.

    • Chelsea says:

      @MakeLemonade you know someone in Italy personally who is giving you this information? Why do you trust those government and their statements? Have you looked at Event 201? Look it up and look at the date of that pandemic exercise. This whole thing is blown up on purpose. To lead all you sheepels where they want. They are testing us. Let us know be mindless but critical of everything.

    • sweetpeace5 says:

      Jason Miller Nope. SARS-2

  12. Christine Pagsanhan says:

    Polosi I will give you my check and retire or “go to the light Carol Ann”. I will even pray for you. Enough is enough.

  13. J Thomas says:

    Now is a good time for the road crews to fill in those potholes!! 😁

  14. Linny says:

    The reason why Italy is seeing improving numbers is because they are ACTUALLY securing in place, unlike us…

    • Erica Goodan says:

      @Linny I understand some are not. But it’s really not the government’s responsibility to force us to be reasonable adults.

    • Mikul Mistry says:

      Holy Hex explain me how virus spreads if the whole country lockdown? And how to stop this virus? Is it gonna stop automatically? Experts says it spread from person to person. We are keeping distance, washing hands, not touching face etc taking all precautions for a months now why numbers are growing??? Explain me..

    • Chelsea says:

      @Todd Manger 25,000 people in Italy died from the flu within a 16 week span(flu season) in 2017/2018.

    • Chelsea says:

      550 die a day in US from the flu in flu season.

    • Todd Manger says:

      @Chelsea coronavirus is at least 10x more deadly than the flu, and you are trying to compare two illnesses, of one that has been around for quite some time, this just showed up at the front doorstep and is spreading to everyone far quicker than the flu.

  15. Chris Hannon says:

    Make America Great, get rid of Washington, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve.

    • Roy 1776 says:

      @Thrasymachus Monk
      Everything you say is B.S.
      Maybe you should stop smoking crack and watching CNN?

    • Roy 1776 says:

      @Kyle Mac
      Did you vote for Crooked Hillary?

    • Thrasymachus Monk says:

      @Roy 1776 Stay safe from the TrumpVirus Roy, you poor stupid hick you. When this is over, people like me are still going to need people like you to flip our burgers and dig our ditches, so you’re going to have to resist your urge to lick doorknobs and the boots of the morons who conned you.

    • Chris Hannon says:

      Read the book The killing of Uncle Sam and then you will understand what is truly going on in America. That is why the Bible says if the blind lead the blind they will fall in the ditch.

    • Pablo Frias says:

      Get rid of Wall Street? How dare you propose that much government control

  16. Phyllis Bielewski says:


    • Dewey Cheatum-Howe says:


    • Thrasymachus Monk says:

      Take away your caps lock button and see how fast people start mistaking you for less of an idiot than you are.

    • Blanca Esquer says:

      @Lord Eli you are spreading Fake News and your comment is full of Lies ! Open your eyes to the real TRUTH !

    • playpen says:

      their salary is a drop in the bucket compared to the money the corrupt money they take from lobbyists and other campaign “donations”

    • Pablo Frias says:

      They don’t need their paychecks, they aren’t forced to divest themselves from private industry and the stock market so that they can’t line their pockets.

      If only we had some kind of regulations…

  17. Anthony Liu says:

    I love the way he gets a dig in at China at every opportunity.

  18. livinincalifornia says:

    “This isn’t a financial crisis” Um. Yeah. It is.

  19. Merchyion says:

    Who wrote bro notes? He’s as surprised with the briefing updates as we are .

  20. Brenda St. Pierre says:

    If my people who are called according to my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face then I shall hear from heaven and I will heal there land.

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