Trump, Coronavirus Task Force hold press briefing at White House | 4/14/20

Trump, Coronavirus Task Force hold press briefing at White House | 4/14/20

President Trump discusses further economic plans amid coronavirus pandemic.

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52 Responses

  1. Busy Banty says:

    Starts at 1:15:15

  2. ven dee says:


  3. Gary Cagle says:

    At This Point Its Non Negotianble

  4. 6mm Sports says:

    Leave the WHO create a new organization that is not controlled by foreign interests

    • PHOURBN says:

      6mm Sports quite explain why trump left the Paris Agreement

    • Ou De Zhong says:

      what do you consider “foreign” to an organization with the word WORLD in it?? do u think its under alien controll??

    • 6mm Sports says:

      Ou De Zhong no it doesn’t have to be WHO. A US backed, US organization that invites health leaders from other countries. We don’t need the worlds money to take care of our people

    • Ou De Zhong says:

      6mm Sports isn’t that what you already have in your current US health system? don’t need to tell you how that is working out…

    • Ham John says:

      @Ou De Zhong OUR CDC was at least HONEST with what info they were able to uncover out of the CCP.

  5. Father Finger says:


  6. Michael John Jardeleza says:

    So WHO has been a puppet of the WOO clan all this time huh? Darn!

    • Wisdom Rising says:

      @Heather Way You feeling ok, you certainly don’t make any sense.

    • Jeff Schlarb says:

      @Jeremiah Bachmann ?????
      WHO Website said ON JANUARY 14th, “…no Evidence of Human to Human spread”!
      That was a LIE!

    • Jeff Schlarb says:

      @Jeremiah Bachmann

      “This is not a major threat to the people of the United States

      and this is not something that the citizens of the United States

      should be worried about right now,” Dr. Fauci told Newsmax’s Greg Kelly on January 21.
      !!!! this is not something
      citizens of the United States
      should be worried about right now,”

      January 21. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< THE TRUTH was that CHINA had destroyed Evidence from December!

    • Ham John says:

      @Jeremiah Bachmann Man you are full of lies….the timeline is so easily found for anyone that would care to find it. You are like WHO, and probably paid by the CCP to post propaganda all over the innerwebs.

    • bcstractor says:

      @Wisdom Rising You are totally stupid. Trump is the evil lying turd. Why would that idiot ever take advice from such an organization? Never – he just does whatever comes out of his pea sized brain.

  7. Garbage Man says:

    That’s a beautiful lawn

  8. Kareem Majeens says:

    I wish that reporter would have kept talking 54:39

    • Aaron Irby says:

      I wanted Trump to have secret service stomp him on national televission. I feel so sorry for anyone in that guy’s life. How horrific it must be to be in the same room with someone like that.

    • Heather Way says:

      Exactly! My God, this man is a mental midget. We need some good Republican leadership right now. This is absolutely astoundingly lunatic. God help us. Can’t we do better than this??
      Take care and stay well!

    • Nancy Herbert says:

      @Heather Way I wonder who is the real mental midget here, I guess it is the person that don’t know what is really going on in their country; or don’t care!

    • Nancy Herbert says:

      Yes, some people like to stay in the Dark; don’t want to know the truth! Go/Leave Mr. President, I don’t want to hear the real truth; lies is what I want! Sad, but so many people are like this; Wake Up!

    • d e says:

      How about when he leaves someone knocks the hell out of him. What a loud mouth prick.

  9. jwcinc12 says:

    I used to enjoy the young turks, many, many years ago. Now they are just way too far away from my thinking. That guy Chenyk nearly got it all closed down.

  10. Ellie 55 says:

    The whole world is proud of you👍👍👍

  11. ThatsHowEyrolles says:

    “we all know what’s goin on there” 👀😂😂

  12. Scott Yamanashi says:

    The don has been posing like the rocket man

  13. bj grg says:

    let’s pray for the world those innocence people die by covid19.

  14. Kitty Perez says:

    Investigate the WHO cut off funds

  15. Small Town Girl Big City Heart says:

    Well, just when you thought things couldn’t get any messier… they up and do.

  16. Craig Donaldson says:

    I like The Who, my favorites include Baba O’Riely and “Don’t Ge Fooled Again”.

    • Jeff Schlarb says:

      To “pop” for me, I liked Hendrix, Traffic, Country Joe, Santana…the phenomenal musicians over “showmanship” and drama

  17. fadel mahade says:

    That light exists only in trump’s head.

  18. Daniel Benson says:

    The supposed “world health organization” is truly the world WEALTH organization. ALL that they care about is WEALTH AND MORE WEALTH. wado,ANN BENSON.

  19. Todd Welsh says:

    No way, Trump back tracks his “I have absolute authority” and is so nice to give governors the power they already had! What a buffoon.

  20. displayfireworks2008 says:

    53:53 what news organization is he with?

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