Trump Doctor Press Conference Cold Open – SNL

Trump Doctor Press Conference Cold Open – SNL

Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant) and Dr. Ronny Jackson (Beck Bennett) address concerns about President Donald Trump’s health.


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74 Responses

  1. izzy says:

    how 🅱️roke that 🅱️rain

  2. Oof Mann says:

    This was hilarious. Though I wish Spicer was still press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is still hilarious to joke about. Props to Aidy Bryant for nailing it.

  3. Diygirl Xoxo says:

    This will probably get a million views

  4. Andre Hall says:

    Ah yes, of course fattie Trump is the same size and weight as mini Jesus Tim Tebow. #GirtherMovement

  5. BITCOIN KUSH says:

    “Perfect amount of cushion for the pushin, and if given the chance I would.”

  6. BITCOIN KUSH says:


    • Troubled Sole says:

      Papi Maximus
      Yes. You are obviously not acquainted with SNL skits. They have been doing this for over forty years (satire – far longer) – Democrats, Republicans, Independents – anyone in the public eye. You really need to lighten up a little. This is supposed to be entertainment.

    • Dion S says:

      But if you asked that same question “How broke that brain” to a man who claims to be a woman, you guys who gave a thumbs up to this comment would be offended. Total retards

    • Ex Animus says:

      +Dion S
      because they’re ENTIRELY two different things…how broke is YOUR brain moron?

    • turbotimthree says:

      Wow, people think this is good enough to praise. Must have been paid by the progressives. Why would anyone waste their time watching mainstream crap like this? Hollywood is dead. Happened last year, I saw it. RIP 2017

  7. Alvaro Jaramillo says:


  8. Murray mac says:

    trump is an L

  9. Alvicbar says:

    pounding pineapple juice … omg im gonna be sick..

  10. lol123GNA says:

    Pete Davidson makes everything better

  11. Despina838 says:

    I was hoping for Baldwin, but Beck is awesome and pretty hot, so I’m good.

  12. Savanna Henry says:

    44 inch coke bottle waist 😂😂

  13. Yellow Flash004 says:


  14. EV OPE says:

    “Paid for by Mexico with U.S. taxpayer money”…. basically

    • J Dial says:

      EV OPE trump supporters are bragging about how much illegal immigration has dropped since trump took office. If that is the case, why do we need to spend so much money on an unnecessary wall? Is trump trying to make it a monument to himself? Serious drugs are not carried over in backpacks – it comes in ships and semi trailers. Your average Mexican can’t carry thousands of lbs of pot in a backpack.

    • Slauderek says:

      J Dial so it decreases even more

    • Slauderek says:

      Blue99 well it is being paid for with our tax money, and is being reimbursed by Mexico. The reason we can make them pay is because they owe us money through our trade deficit. We would likely place a tariff on all their trade with us and that money would eventually pay off the wall

    • J Dial says:

      Slauderek no. That’s not how it works. Even if the government puts a tariff on Mexican goods, you will still pay for it.

      If we put a $1 tariff on each pair of jeans (for instance), WalMart will not take that dollar out of their profits – they will raise the price of the jeans one dollar and the consumer will pay it (if they want the jeans).

      If you make goods coming into this country more expensive, the retailers will raise their prices accordingly.

      The government may collect the tariff, but you will eventually pay for it thru higher prices.

    • Aiyisha Anderson says:

      EV OPE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Nethru Mahaliyanage says:

    I miss melissa mccarthy as sean spencer…..

  16. Toad Jiang says:

    Our Dear leader can fly and fire laser beams from his eyes, he’s also bulletproof and able to communicate with fish. – the doctor

  17. Laurent D'Hondt says:

    Pete Davidson, you get a Stormy!

  18. Simon James says:

    Beck did such a great job! So many good one liners in this skit especially Kate’s line “How broke that brain” Lol!

  19. Claire Knight says:

    Beck Bennet in a uniform 😛🔥🤤💦💦💦

  20. Kim Jong Fun says:

    “In fairness no other president has been given this exam.” …… Oh that makes sense, because I have seen the exam, it’s unbelievably easy that I can’t imagine any normal 7-year-old won’t get a perfect score, it would have been an insult to give such an easy exam to any previous president, ironically idiot Trump takes such an insult as a compliment and keeps bragging about it nonstop as if now he is a certified “stable genius.” Hahaha!

    • 00 0 says:

      You should understand that this is the first perfect score Trump has ever had on any test in his entire life, so of course he will keep bragging about it until the day he dies.

    • M K says:

      accept the fact that he is president and much smarter than you will ever be

    • Alice Sunderland says:

      Montreal Cognitive Assessment
      This test is offered only if there are concerns about memory or other cognitive functions …
      There is no average score…if less than 26, the subject is given further testing for Alzheimer’s or dementia. If the test appears easy to you it is because you have not lost mental acuity. I am 2 weeks older than Trump and have been given the assessment twice in the 6 years I have been on Medicare. It’s not a “genius” test…it’s a test for function!

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