Trump Ends DACA, Responds to Hurricane Harvey: A Closer Look

Trump Ends DACA, Responds to Hurricane Harvey: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump’s choice to threaten hundreds of thousands of Americans by ending DACA in the wake of a chaotic summer in office.
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Trump Ends DACA, Responds to Hurricane Harvey: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. DK Dempcey Knight DK says:

    That prayer makes me want to vomit.

  2. Samuel H.M says:

    I’m leaving the United States…

    Shieetttt I ain’t going nowhere. The US is my home and I was brought here at 3 years old and I have greatly contributed to this country. I gave it all and I will give it my all before I go anywhere.

  3. CreeperManCreeps says:

    Love all the libtards crying in the comments and shitting there pants. It is great.

  4. AtLes says:

    RAC shits on DACA and and offers a real chance at naturalization to those in school, the military or working. DACA is a liberal ploy to steal money from immigrants while not offering them a real chance of becoming a citizen.

  5. Joe Barr says:

    Jesus, that part with grown ass men kissing this oompa loompa’s ass was enough to make me throw up in my mouth a little

  6. Kro Gon says:

    there was a time when I wanted to fly to the US for vacation.
    Thats over, not as long as this dipshit is in charge there

  7. TheRealUcanUwill says:

    A national prayer day. Wow, really? Rick Perry so proud…

  8. mawa ali says:

    I’m sorry, while this was well done…I just can’t laugh anymore. This president is a disgrace.

  9. ilparrow Gaming says:

    Welp we all are dead North Korea just got enough nukes to nuke amarica

  10. Karl Hungus says:

    Trump has done more in the first 7 months than Obozo did in 8 yrs. Seth is a joke, so are all you braindead sheep being led to the slaughter by the Democrats. Gonna be a loooooong 8 yrs for you turds. You should go to Houston and help your buddies loot.

  11. prem swaroop says:

    that prayer call is so cringe

  12. pretty Barbie says:

    This make me sick this idiot is more worried about dreamers then the hurricane and wildfires. We have people dying but let’s focus on them deamers. I hate trump.

  13. Adrian Rodriguez says:

    hurricane Harvey was done by using the harrp weather machine n was done by  the tmz host Harvey levin n Donald Trump along with all late night talk show host ken Dall n Kim kardashian Jessica Alba n other known movie stars .Trump could have had military bring in more trucks with boats to rescue people n did nothing.he also banked on others insurance off of destroyed builds he owns .these 2 men both known all all city sewers lead to the beach n do nothing to close them up .they both fight for gay rights n are both known child molester n child rapist paying off kids n cops to stay out of jail .for more Info YouTube – child predators in Hollywood.

  14. Bestknownunknown says:

    A couple years ago the census bureau predicted the majority race would be the minority race in 25-30 years. Ever since, plots against this prediction started.

  15. Jamsama says:

    Welp get your weapons ready major riot is going to sweep the nation and Trump’s head will be put on a spike like old days

  16. yuck duck says:

    Seth did the same Hindenburg joke as Colbert

  17. Chris Stork says:

    You know what I’d give my left nut to see? Have that DACA-protected officer/hero get nominated for a Medal of Honor, and while the Trumpsterfire is hanging the medal around his neck on live TV, have someone point out that he’s here under DACA and ask if he’s going to get deported.

  18. Keith Begg says:

    what a disgusting display.!tRUMP is abomination of God.

  19. J Schlock says:

    Love your segments!
    But please, keep the talking clips of the”lying king Trimp” as short as possible; can’t take his non sense.

  20. Robert Kautz says:

    Obama had no constitutional right to start DACA. It’s the Congress’ job to legislate permanent immigration reform. Trump did the right thing, now Congress needs to do their job and either rewrite it or discard it.

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