Trump Failed The Easiest Test

Trump Failed The Easiest Test

Stephen was wrong when he told Hillary Clinton that “Will you lie?” is the easiest question in politics.

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Stephen Colbert took over as host of The Late Show on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015. Colbert is best known for his work as a television host, writer, actor, and producer, and best known for his charity work teaching English as a second language on Tunisian date farms. Prior to joining the CBS family — and being officially adopted by network president Les Moonves — Colbert helmed “The Colbert Report,” which aired nearly 1,500 episodes and required Stephen to wear nearly 1,500 different neckties. The program received two Peabody Awards, two Grammy Awards, and several unwelcome shoulder massages. It won two Emmys for Outstanding Variety Series in 2013 and 2014, both of which appear to have been lost in the move. Colbert is pronounced koʊlˈbɛər, according to Wikipedia. His understudy is William Cavanaugh, who will be hosting The Late Show approximately one third of the time. Good luck, Bill!”

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20 Responses

  1. BansheeBomb says:

    David Duke hasn’t been part of the KKK for 40 years and is no longer a
    white supremacist and he didn’t even endorse Trump to begin with but when
    Hillary Clinton endorses a former KKK senator, Robert Byrd, no one gives a
    shit. Media is so dishonest.

    Trump showed how smart he is by not immediately disavowing David because it
    shows he doesn’t jump the gun. Trump will do his own research instead of
    listening to the media and trusting what they say and that’s the kind of
    president that we need, not a president that still believes in the wage gap
    myth. After all the media would have you believe that David is going around
    hanging blacks or something even though he has always been peaceful.

  2. Steven Paul says:

    Slander. Propaganda.

  3. CmdrSloanne says:

    Trump should start covering that ugly mug of his with the KKK Hood. at
    least it will be an improvement for him. hahahaha

  4. juda herman says:

    The media is so afraid of trump its funny how hey all attack him and he
    still wins and will win the election #Trump2016

  5. Ringo Brat says:


  6. Tharozoft says:

    another liberal tactic that has FAILED! keep sucking your liberal slave
    masters dicks and tits there Hollywood…

    Trump did not even know who this Duke guy was, most of us didn’t either,
    thanks to the mainstream press though, he is getting a ton of PR…

    way to go dumb asses.

  7. akhan1892 says:


  8. R.E.M.less says:

    Wow, no johns Donald Trump

  9. The ForeverKin says:


  10. Raymond7779 says:

    Wish the media would have paid half as much attention to when, in 2008, the
    unabashed racist & jew-hating “minister” of the nation of islam Louis
    Farrakhan endorsed Obama. I never heard Obama condemning that.

  11. aperson22222 says:

    When he introduced Christie the other day, he went into a pretty sad ramble
    about how the only reason he doesn’t have more endorsements is that he
    can’t be bothered schmoozing with most of the people who would endorse him.
    So those who do get the privilege of endorsing him are part of a small,
    elite group that can secure the esteem of a raging egotist. Clearly Duke
    belongs in that company.

  12. Ole Jenssen says:

    hi,$ thanks for helpirg. wound cluttered ! 11

  13. Српски Жар says:

    You know US is dead when you are ashamed of KKK.

  14. NightOwl777 says:

    It’s obvious Trump wants the White Supremacist vote. That’s the real reason
    why he dodged the question.

  15. Variousnumber says:

    How on earth does a Toupee that bad get elected President? Oh, Its the man
    beneath the Toupee? That’s even worse!

  16. Ju M. says:

    This fucking racist. What a piece of shit.

  17. MrAstralWeeks says:

    Trump *did* disavow Duke just hours before the establishment media started
    attacking him for *not* disavowing Duke… funny how they can dig up a 30
    year old rape claim dismissed by the woman who made it but forget something
    that happened within 24 hours…

  18. anthony corona says:


  19. Alex Hollowell says:

    Really boring episode

  20. Carl Oberg says: