Trump Fires James Comey & Sally Yates Testifies: The Daily Show

Trump Fires James Comey & Sally Yates Testifies: The Daily Show

President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey, and former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates testifies about the timeline leading up to Michael Flynn’s firing.

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20 Responses

  1. Dan Aalfs says:

    now there is literally no doubt in my mind that there are ties between Trump and Russia there is no other explanation for this kind of action .

  2. Blackstrike101 says:

    I guess Comey was getting too close to the truth about Trump’s cheating administration

  3. Emmanuel Alejandro says:

    well time to bring out the popcorn because this presidency is becoming a show for the ages.

  4. Get Rekt says:

    **Comey investigates Hillary**

    Trump: I love James Comey!

    **Comey investigates Trump**

    Trump: Comey is fake news! Gotta fire him!

  5. Nice Strawberry says:

    I will never be able to unsee that vagina neck.

  6. ladyofelysium says:

    We just watched a POTUS fire the Director of the FBI who was investigating him for treasonous collusion. I don’t even know what to say to this. We’re currently living the shit that will be covered in future textbooks for our kids. This is our era’s Nixon scandal.

  7. J T12345 says:

    Just proved he’s guilty.

  8. Michael Rivers says:

    Vagina Neck, huh? Perhaps someone should grab HIM by the pussy.

  9. Riah Vannan says:

    The irony of Comey being fired by Trump for poorly handling Hillary’s email case . Was there no better excuse? lol

  10. Trever Dotson says:

    Vagina neck. That’s a pre-existing condition??

  11. Yazanico says:

    I could have survived without vagina neck.

  12. Shelby Hansen says:

    Trevor, I didn’t need to see the fucking vagina neck this late at night. Idk if I will be able to sleep know.

  13. EgyptianGod0 says:

    Trump supporters said we can’t afford to have a president being investigated by the FBI. Let’s see how they defend this one

  14. Phillip Timothy says:

    if you’re reading this have a great day from a small YouTuber who dreams of one day eating ham and cheese sandwich

  15. SnarkyGinger16 says:

    Trump 2017: James, you’re fired for being mean to my close, personal friend, Hillary Clinton. Tremendous person, folks. The best.

  16. Aphro says:

    If someone strangled trump it’s because they were tryna grab him by the pussy

  17. Heracross X says:

    By firing the head of an _investigation agency_, Trump has all but admitted that he has something to hide. I honestly don’t see how somebody could defend that.

  18. l'Inconnue says:

    I am not even American but this is one of my favourite shows

  19. Ęÿūį Æßñ says:

    There is no doubt anymore. There is a massive coverup of Nixonian proportions. Trump will go down in flames very soon.

  20. Brandon Best says:

    *Comey talks shit about Hillary*
    Trump: It took courage to do what Comey did. I applaud him!

    *Comey investigates Trump*

    Trump: He was too mean to Hillary. Get him outta here!

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