Trump Full Press Conference (2/16/17) | ABC News

Trump Full Press Conference (2/16/17) | ABC News

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President Trump holds a press conference in the East Room of the White House | President Trump told reporters today his administration is working “like a fined-tuned machine,” in the wake of this week’s resignation of his national security adviser and the withdrawal of his nominee for secretary of labor secretary. For more:

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19 Responses

  1. Nick Twyman says:

    Edit your videos so we don’t have to scroll through an empty podium…

  2. fallspeed says:

    What a lunatic. He asserted that his victory in the Electoral College was the largest since Ronald Reagan. But he won fewer Electoral College votes than three of the four presidents since Reagan: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George Bush. When a reporter pointed that out, Mr. Trump brushed it off. “I was given that information,” he said.

  3. TycoonManTech says:

    Trump is fucking savage

  4. Quadrus Black says:

    YOOOOOO!!! We are still talking about electoral college votes? Why?

  5. Marisela Siqueiro says:

    Trump always patting himself on the back.

  6. Kylo says:

    This clown must believe that the sun rises when he wakes up.

  7. PLUTREA says:

    the Donald appears at 47 minutes

  8. Yehudi Menuhin says:

    57:33: “It was the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan.” Trump won by 77 votes.
    Clinton 1992: 202
    Clinton 1996: 220
    Obama 2008: 192
    Obama 2012: 126
    He can no longer help himself! he lies more easily than he breathes.

  9. PeeZzz says:

    Love it when Trump keeps it real and kicks some fake media’s ass.


  10. Jay Rod says:

    Trump is crazy. He ain’t playing. He’s crazy, for real.

  11. Marcianus Valerius says:

    Bunch of butthurt liberals disliking and blindly swallowing the establishment media propaganda like the mindless, irrational, blind sheep they are. You are *nothing* but foot soldiers of the globalists and establishment hacks that have been running things since decades. Jobs pouring out, tons of illegals pouring in, ever increasing national debt enslaving future generations, foreign policy disasters causing growing instability, etc. Then a person comes in vowing to stop this BS all the while the propaganda arm of the international banking system/military industrial complex/CIA – the mainstream media – keeps bashing him 24/7 for it and what happens? *All you impressionable, naive sheep just blindly eat it up…just mindlessly swallow it without any questioning.* I’m not even American but seriously, fuck every one of you pathetic fools. You should have your voting rights revoked for being the insufferably stupid cretins you are.

  12. Noble Nova says:

    Why does he always have to bring up his election results. You won already, stop talking about it and move the hell on.

  13. Brian Hansen says:

    You cant make this up, This guy is such a lying absurd joke beyond imagination….

  14. Peter Mogensen says:

    This orange buffoon insults my intelligence.

  15. Egg says:

    Alec Baldwin went in too hard this time.

  16. Unico Citizen says:


  17. Rizvi Redwan says:

    Your President is an embarrassment to human race.

  18. EB, the Composer & GFA says:

    Our President is an embarrassment.

  19. bbtesla says:

    Nice job Donald. It has been a long time, a very, very long time since I have actually listened to a full Presidential press conference. You and your wife have brought back class to the White house.

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