Trump Goes on Vacation While His Team Debuts So-Called “Real News”: A Closer Look

Trump Goes on Vacation While His Team Debuts So-Called “Real News”: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the Trump team’s effort to ramp up attacks on the Russia probe and news media despite the President being on vacation.
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Trump Goes on Vacation While His Team Debuts So-Called “Real News”: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Get Rekt says:

    **Seth jokes about Trump**
    Trump supporters: THIS IS PROPAGANDA!

    **Trump creates literal fake news to mislead people while saying you can’t trust media that says something negative about him**
    Trump supporters: This is great MAGA!

  2. Heracross X says:

    I just adore the sheer irony of the Trump Cult’s accusations of “you libtards need a safespace lol” when their own God-Senpai frequently goes to his own safe space in Florida.

  3. Meri May says:

    I feel like Seth does more work than Trump ever did in his entire presidency so far

  4. Sean Rector says:

    You ever notice how the Trumpanzees behind Little Donnie at his Hitler Youth rallies never close their mouths? Lol

  5. Dylan Bednarz says:

    We have state sponsored media now #trumpdictactorship

  6. Mr. Plinkett says:

    A vacation? Is his idea of a vacation smacking white balls with other men reaching into dirty holes? ⛳

  7. Black Omega X says:

    So, Trump has his own fake news, while calling other news outlets fake. *sigh*

  8. NatesNotions says:

    He honestly has some sort of super power, he says he is going to do something without presenting any shred of a plan on how is will do it and for some reason people actually believe him.

  9. Oscar Galindo says:

    I wish Trump could realize his stupid hyprocrisy and stop speaking out of his ass.

  10. Luboman411 says:

    This Orange baboon is so damn lazy. Vacation this, vacation that. He promised he’d be “the hardest-working president of all time” if elected. He criticized Obama endlessly whenever the man took (the few) vacations he took. Where is this hard work Trump kept harping about? All I see is him jetting off to Florida or his golf club in New Jersey to golf and schmooze and golf some more. Get your lazy ass back to work you damn Orange goon!

  11. TheLoreSeeker says:

    WHY is he still peddling his “Lock her up!” spiel?!

    Hillary Clinton is nothing now. Shes an unemployed grandmother. Why are we going to specially investigate her? She has no power.

  12. RJ Originator says:

    Can anybody provide me specific evidence of policies and actions Trump has taken to improve the economy?

  13. Robert Hayes says:

    He’s literally becoming Lord Business from the Lego Movie.

  14. Rob Mckennie says:

    Oh my god. It’s starting you guys. State television, running propaganda. Trump was talking about “opening up libel laws”, how long until negative coverage of his presidency is illegal?

  15. oopopp x says:

    8:10 You know what is REALLY disturbing… that his SUPPORTERS are still obsessed with locking up Hillary…. what a bunch of fuckin LOSERS….
    Your guy has FAILED at everything, but lets concentrate on a woman who no longer matters…. … ladies and gentlemen… TRUMPTARDS….

  16. Nx Doyle says:

    I don’t care about seeing clips of trump’s lies on TV. I want to see clips of trump’s lies played to trump while he is sat there, forced to look at them. Bring this fucker down.

  17. Drake Heitman says:

    Kakistocracy. Trump supporters should look it up.

  18. Michiru Sato says:

    so Trump supporters and liberal people are now receiving information through two extremely opposing media. god your country is divided.

    soon Trump people will develop their own language, and in no time reps and dems won’t be even able to communicate with each other.

  19. Melanie Harder says:

    That “Real News” clip just really freaked me out. I’m German and my mother grew up in East Germany, in a socialistic dictatorship. She once showed me a “news” clip from back then and it looked EXACTLY like that. It’s really getting scary.

  20. jcspider says:

    1:28 “Where’s the bride?” I would run into traffic, even if it meant getting hit, and I’m not kidding.

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