Trump: ‘Hamilton’ cast harassed Pence

Trump: ‘Hamilton’ cast harassed Pence

President-elect Donald Trump says that the cast of the Broadway play ‘Hamilton’ harassed Vice President-elect Mike Pence while he was attending the show.

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19 Responses

  1. God Odin says:

    Who goes to plays?

  2. darkstonecastle says:

    Hate to say it but Pence had it coming going to a rap show. Should have
    gone to see Dee Snider instead.

  3. Shane Meece says:

    What a coward. Pence should be strung up akin to what he wants to do to

  4. David Fultz says:

    What a butthole on the stage

  5. Meyro Lcs says:

    shut up please!!! STOP CRYING

  6. Dean Baker says:

    ho I see the protestors were only politely expressing their views in
    burning and breaking into the store’s and destroying things that were not

  7. HAguayo says:

    what has Pence done?

  8. tacomahnster says:

    So overblown, IMO. The booing was uncalled for, I’ll give you that, but I
    thought the message was pretty neutral/respectful.

  9. HortonKansas says:

    Buckle up buttercup it won’t get any easier

  10. sulca charles says:

    fuck liberals. tolerance my ass.

  11. TheJapanChannelDcom says:

    Trump: “this should not happen!” What, Mein Fuhrer? Free speech?
    This is going to be an entertaining 4 years (if he is not removed before
    the time is up).

  12. Parker Daniel says:

    That was the most condescending shit I’ve ever seen.

  13. Thomas Maples says:

    did they harass him or just make their worries known?

  14. trollmaster420 says:

    Liberals are the least tolerant group of people. Thank god that Trump got
    elected so people like these can get exterminated. Especially that nigger
    talking to Pence.

  15. hudson fox says:

    your demagogue is asking for safe spaces now? i wonder how that makes you
    cowards feel knowing you cry tears when college students ask for safe
    spaces. Hilarious irony

  16. Lucas Gonzalez says:

    This bitch just wants to see a show. Stop harassing him with speeches and

  17. Captain Gnar says:

    why the fuck do people care

  18. 007davida1 says:

    Please just leave the country you piece of shit assholes.

  19. Sushiyoda says:

    While I hate both Trump and Pence, this is just over the top. Stop being
    whining assholes.