Trump Has United The Planet… Against Him

Trump Has United The Planet… Against Him

The President is truly uniting the world! In a way that he probably didn’t intend to.

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20 Responses

  1. Annie parker says:

    I think it’s safe to say that Trump is a world wide joke.

  2. Gurpreet Singh MAtharoo says:

    Meanwhile in a parallel universe, people are enjoying unsplit monologue

  3. sage walter says:

    Dear Russia, you can have him if you want. We won’t complain at all.
    Thank you!

  4. Daniel Aaron says:

    Wait, so everyone hates Trump now???

    In other news, water is wet.

  5. Ariana says:

    Trust us on this one, we Germans know about picking the right leaders at this point. We learned it the hard way.

  6. camelshit says:

    Americans; is it not high time you start a campaign to collect signatures, to demand that trump undergo a mental check?
    Don’t you the People have a right to know? He is your president!
    I’m not joking. The question of your leader (and the worlds most influential man) being mentally fit or being a menace to you all (and the world) should be taken dead seriously. By now the signs of him being dangerously unfit are screaming us in the face.
    I know there are many, myself included, that have seen it for a long time, even before he got elected. You don’t need that much life experience to recognize a malignant narcissist and egomaniac.
    Professional psychiatrists have voiced their grave concern, though too demurely, for some seemingly ethical reasons.
    The ethical thing to do now would be to speak up, and take action; there’s simply too much at stake.
    The rest of the world would thank you.

  7. Armed Wombat says:

    Germany here. That’s exactly the point. You had the chance to learn from our mistakes without having to make them yourselves. And you chose “Nu-uh! Uhmurica doesn’t need to learn stuff from anyone, ’cause we’re so special and exceptional and everyone else is stupid!”.

    Also I’d like to point out that Hitler…
    1. …came to power in a country that was actually humiliated by its enemies (having to take complete blame for WWI, high reparations, and a military so limited that they were helpless against anyone more powerful than Denmark), while America got in its situation by not understanding economics and thinking that catering to billionaires would make everyone rich.
    2. …never got more than 43.9% of the votes. And even that top score was after he had his people controlling the police and his goons “protecting” the elections.
    3. …was unprecedented. Nobody could say “Hey, he’s like that dude from before who did all that crazy stuff and turned everything to shit.”. While Americans had modern education systems, the internet, AND 70 years of time to learn and draw some fucking parallels. And almost half of the country came to the conclusion “Yeah, well the whole death camp thing wasn’t that great plus losing the war… but until then, boy was it awesome!” (and I know I’m giving at least some Trump voters too much credit by assuming they’re actually against death camps).

  8. Nina says:

    Seriously, I love this show. But in my opinion, this joke about Germany was pretty inappropriate. This week our politicians allowed gay marriage and we keep on making progress in several political issues like climate change: Why won’t anybody ever mention this when it comes to news about Germany? We know about our past, we learn about it in school and we talk about it and try to never ever let something like that happen again. Today, we have every right to question foreign leaders if they seem to threaten our or your democracy.

  9. Le Derp says:

    That German joke was cheap, I expected a more creative joke than always the same old Nazi Jokes. I am German and I usually laugh about these jokes, the reason im a bit mad right now is, is that they didnt put much effort into this episode

  10. Torn Tokoroa says:

    World…please know actual Americans didn’t want him. He was voted in by idiots. Who somehow got a minority victory.

  11. Johnny Bigbones says:

    The US has to stop with this greatest country on earth shit. It’s utterly laughable now.

  12. Gad Yariv says:

    If you are the greatest country on earth…how come Donald Trump is your president?

  13. trexation says:

    Germany here (and a Historian that is): We see dictators now when they knock on our door. Do you?

  14. c. lince says:

    if america is the greatest country in the world then how come a conman reality star with no political experience is the president of a country

  15. Daniel D says:

    Every kid here in Germany who finishes high school has been taught extensivly about what brought people to jump on Hitler|s xenophobia and antisemetic hate train. It was a country that felt humiliated after being defeated in WWI. It was easy to win over a population that was longing for their nation to return to old pride and glory. Or beyond that…

    I think I feel a similar kind of frustration in the American people today. The US have always been known in Europe for their huge national pride. All they life they have been told that they life in the greatest country in the world giving everyone equal opportunity to achieve his or her idea of the American dream.
    But how come that so many people work their asses off and still just barelz stop debts and student loans from crushing them? The system feels rigged and it is hard to give an easy answer to who is to blame for that. Minority scapegoating and creating a strong image of a foreign enemy that is out to destroy their way of life are just the burning matches on the powder keg.

    My point is that we in Germany have been through all of this and had 2 to 3 generations to reflect upon that and do better. It is painfull for us to watch how you are not learning from our history and are down the first steps of a pretty similar road so far. It is like an ex alcoholic who is sober for decades but now sees his neighbor becoming an angry drunk guy who is to proud to listen to your warnings.
    That is Germanys view on Trump and the USA and those worries we have about you certainly are responsible why we dislike Trump even more than any other country.

  16. Planet Deadwing says:

    Disgusting to me that Colbert opens the video by calling America the best country in the world (not once, but twice!). How can he or anyone say that in the Trump era? America’s arrogance is shameful. No matter how much awful shit goes down you still think you’re better than everyone. You still think the rest of the world envies you, and that’s just so pathetic.

  17. Gatto Buono says:

    1:30 Your German ‘joke’ is really disappointing Steven, it’s makes you look as culturally ignorant as Trump.

    P.S I am not German.

    Unsubscribed 🙁

  18. jack shan says:

    Americans think that they got the greatest country on Earth coz most of them never seen any other country.

  19. Ecléctico Iconoclasta says:

    Greatest country on earth? With that crap healthcare system? With the highest percentage prision population? This low level of selfcriticism is what produced Trump as president of the US

  20. Zoey says:

    the reason trump supporters love him is because… they are dumb.

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