Trump insults Miss Universe over weight gain

Trump insults Miss Universe over weight gain


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20 Responses

  1. novawolverine says:

    Even the Fox and Friends hosts are bewildered by Trump’s horseshit.

  2. Mary G says:

    The Briefing has a great ad against Trump by the contest winner. Tons of

  3. J Mo says:

    This is North Korean level propaganda! Come on less than 1k views? FOH

  4. Peter Perfect says:

    Guess Drumpf won’t be getting the female vote then! Lol

  5. Someguy8047 says:

    Wow, a person who is running for president that’s not afraid to tell the

  6. ApostlePaul says:

    This loser was winning all his life by bullshitting and conning people in
    anyway he can. It’s time for him to loose and whine in a nuthouse after

  7. John Malabanan says:

    really? barely 1k views and trending

  8. BillyBob Bazooka says:

    Trump feels comfortable at Fox News, where Fox hosts creep deeply into
    Trump’s rear end and sniffle some coke with him.

  9. tlh1981 says:

    President Trump

  10. Jesus Peña says:


  11. Greatest Ever says:

    he is a fucking fat pig, how the fuck can he criticize anybody

  12. King LilWigglyWabbit says:

    Look at these fat crying sjw Hillary supporters getting triggered in the
    comments its priceless Trump 2016 Bitches!!!

  13. Christian Hansen says:

    can he not have his own opinion? lmao

  14. Jerry Estrada says:

    miss Universe cannot gain weight is a breach of contract.

  15. MegaGardevoir says:

    Republicans can’t help that they’ve created someone as awful as Trump. He
    now the new face of the Republican party.. You reap what you sow

  16. Joe Blow says:

    The chick put on 60 pounds right after winning and doesn’t see that as a
    problem when her entire job is being a model!!!! I bet all of you aren’t
    out there fighting for all of the fat Victoria secret models that got fired
    because Trump wasn’t involved and you really don’t care.

  17. Manuel Rodriguez says:

    He’s going to make being fat illegal ?

  18. Larry David says:

    Tax Dodger Trump

  19. Sam Jiu-Jitsu Henderson says:

    who wants to be obese? it’s unhealthy to be fat

  20. Green Raver Music says:

    The girl got fat is it not true!!!!!! Omg I hate this Tyra banks
    scandals!!!!! It’s great when there in shape but once they get old and fat
    and lose there jobs… They cry like. Fat ugly baby…….!!! I see eye to
    eye with trump…. He s what this country needs…