Trump: Jim Comey saved Hillary Clinton’s life

Trump: Jim Comey saved Hillary Clinton’s life

President Donald Trump on the obstacles to staffing his administration, FBI Director James Comey and former national security advisor Susan Rice.

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20 Responses

  1. Keep It Real says:

    Comey’s got to go!!! We will never get any real investigations done, until he’s gone! He’s the most corrupt person in Washington!!!

  2. Richard Hayduk says:

    These vile obstructionist or better known as the democrats will stop at nothing. These bureaucratic pigs are out of control.

  3. kaiban42 says:

    is this an interview or a blowjob?

  4. danielgarrison91 says:

    Trump you bullshiting talking conartist. Look the Intelligence is gonna come out and show that you as usual ate wrong. Susan Rice nor President Obama could just have you wiretaped. It would have to go through The F.B.I or Justice Department who would then need to go to a FISA court to show probable cause. And it’s not easy to get one. Since we know now they got one against Carter Page in July somebody you spoke highly of. And we know Mike Flynn was picked up talking to a Russian agent your man. Paul Manafort who worked for the former Ukraine president who had to leave and seek asylum in Russia. Rex Tillerson has gotten a medal from Putin. We know that Jared Kushner has many finical dealings with Russia. So when the truth comes out and it will people are going to realize your nothing but a schill. Just like we learned in Atlantic City damn shit, everything is going to be great, jobs, jobs, great. Yeah real fucking great.

  5. may h says:

    Shut up, you old pervert! Because of Comey you won the election! You are mentally sick and trying to pass your mental sickness to all.

  6. John Prewett says:

    Trump not perfect .. but he would have to be in office 20 years to match the corruption and deception of the Clinton-Obama years.

  7. chrishasaclue says:

    Trump isn’t gonna get Hillary indicted like he promised during his campagin. just another lie.

  8. Jason Loftis says:

    Trump 2020

  9. American Girl says:

    Replace Comey with Trey Gowdy and the FBI will be trusted again!

  10. Jennifer Hertzler says:

    oh my god he is such a pathological liar it makes me sick

  11. Chris Belden says:

    he said nothing at all.

  12. keith g. says:

    Trump is full of shit. What a sham of an interview. Hate auto spell in a hurry fixed.

  13. South Efrikan says:

    Why would anyone have confidence in Comey?

  14. Colleen McGrady says:

    Oh ha … now it’s clearer .. our President answered my questions .. OBSTRUCTION … Comey has to go !

  15. Ęÿūį Æßñ says:

    Why is this dipshit still talking about Hillary? The election is over. Move on already.

  16. michael cook says:

    FACT: Trump will die in prison

  17. Democrat Voter says:

    I am a massive faggot and I make terrible choices.

  18. Adam Kocur says:

    This isn’t trending, it has no views.

  19. porculizador says:

    who’s the tool pretending to be a journalist?

  20. Lisa Sandoval says:


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