Trump Jokes About Having Baby Ejected at Rally

Trump Jokes About Having Baby Ejected at Rally

During a rally in Ashburn, Virginia, Donald Trump joked that he wanted a crying baby ejected from his rally. Trump was interrupted several times by the wails of a child. (Aug. 2)

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20 Responses

  1. Anthony Lopez says:

    *99% of the people in the comments would start quivering and shaking from a
    baby crying while they speak. But they do have the balls to make fun of our
    future president on the internet.*

  2. Jason McBeavis says:


  3. Silver Moon says:

    Maybe Trump should be a comedian rather than a politician. Seems more

  4. Michael mike says:

    i don t think he was being mean… that is such a NON event . lol .
    wow , when you don t find anything else against trump but a cheap shot like
    that, that says a lot.

  5. yowza says:

    The media are making out that he was being vicious. So dishonest.

  6. Aerlangga Rasvati says:


  7. Mark Tate says:

    Trump best get his act together.

  8. Adolf Fist Ya says:

    There goes Mankind as we know it :-/

  9. Gerry Aire says:

    there’s only room for one whining baby at a Trump rally

  10. Grace Sullivan-Royall says:

    What an awful excuse of a man

  11. Saint Boudreau says:

    big news day for the corrupt AP …

  12. Saint Boudreau says:

    wow ALL THE DNC stooges are below………

  13. Some Guy says:


  14. mrFalloutFan95 says:

    Anti Trump propaganda isnt working nice try globalists

  15. Edi2003 says:

    Hahahah OMG, here is the next POTUS! Good luck assholes

  16. Troy Tempest says:

    Anyone can tell Trump is joking here, except humorless Hillary worshiping

  17. Robin Kay says:

    WOW what a headline!! Seriously? Find something better to do with your time

  18. Reha Malik says:

    if trump will be selected he will make the image of america more bad in the

  19. Jordan Evans says:

    Haha incredible billionaire businessman with a dark but funny sense of
    humour that’s putting his life, his families lives and his business on the
    line just to make America great again. Trump 2016

  20. Rave In Peace says:

    Fuck Trump