Trump Lies on Twitter During a Congressional Hearing on His Twitter Lies: The Daily Show

Trump Lies on Twitter During a Congressional Hearing on His Twitter Lies: The Daily Show

While the FBI and NSA clear Barack Obama on Donald Trump’s baseless wiretapping charges, the president takes to Twitter to push more blatant falsehoods.

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20 Responses

  1. Ahmad Hussein says:

    I bet that Trump will get impeached before the end of this year….coz of his mad tweets…like if u agree ! ??#impeachthepeach

  2. Matthew says:

    Is calling someone a “libtard” supposed to be offensive?

  3. Jazibb Memon says:

    Don’t know about fox news but the ‘fake news’ is ruling this country

  4. Sam Beri says:

    4.30 am in Germany and iam watching youtube vids..Whats wrong with me :))) but ok…Trevor is damn funny. And Trump as well 😉

  5. Aliyah Abrahams says:

    I think Trump honestly believes the lies he tells. ????

  6. TSK says:

    I do not even have a twitter account, yet I am so updated with Trump’s tweets after I start following USA’s politics and late shows/daily shows.

  7. SueLyn Cheang says:

    Wonder what the American government would do if Twitter shut down for a day…

  8. ernesto garcia says:

    Trump is bulletproof against his supporters, nothing he does will ever convince them to help impeach his ass out of office.

  9. MegaCreepermann says:

    Best part about him tweeting it from the POTUS twitter account: he cannot delete that tweet. Its now a presidential record that will be archived.

  10. Wlp Crepper says:

    And the worst part is that people believe in him. They prefer the lies.

  11. apotheos1s says:

    I cannot believe this is real life. That the director of the FBI had to give a Congressional hearing about some bullshit Tweets made by the President of the United States.

    Un. Fucking. Real.

  12. Aviral Puri says:

    Every Monday I wake up thinking I’m done watching news about trump. Every week I’m wrong. It’s too fucking entertaining

  13. Sara M says:

    Today has been a good day!
    1. FBI director said they are investigating Trump and Russian ties.
    2. There is no evidence that Trump was wiretapped by Obama
    3.Tomi Lahren got suspended
    4. Judge Napolitano has been pulled off Fox indefinitely over his Trump wiretap claims

  14. Donald William says:

    i guess we just stand by and watch as liarTRUMP leads us into WWIII, nuclear winter and the end of all living things on planet earth. My faith is in Jesus, I hope you have a rock to stand on….

  15. Hussam ALi says:

    I never comment, but when I do, I dont get any likes. 🙁

  16. triston townsend says:

    yep it is looking bad for him! i like the way the the government is slowly building a case against him to either resign or get impeached !

  17. Tetsu Hatano says:

    because of trump this is the most updated on twitter ive been. i dont even have a twitter account

  18. productplacementads 24/7 says:

    The title doesn’t make sense… but love Trevor so I’ll allow it.

  19. RockYouVideos says:

    If Fox News reported that Trump shaved his head and got a face tattoo, he would walk over to the bathroom and look in the mirror, just to check.

  20. Haradion Drogon says:

    Remember when being the subject of an FBI investigation made you unelectable?

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