Trump makes questionable comments about young girls in 1992 video

Trump makes questionable comments about young girls in 1992 video

In a 1992 Entertainment Tonight video, Donald Trump greets a group of young girls at Trump Tower and then brags to the camera: “I am going to be dating her in ten years. Can you believe it?” Major Garrett has more.

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20 Responses

  1. steven caskey says:

    That’s ridiculous. If you people want to have this election determined by
    scandal then do it right and go for the Lolita Express, Orgy Island,
    Epstein, and the underage girls. Come on don’t be scared. Unless you are
    covering for people?

  2. Laughing Man says:

    Jesus fuck, we can’t allow this sexual sleaz become president. Please vote
    on November 8th!

  3. Ryan Hughes says:

    It was 24 years ago LOL media digging deep to try to destroy Trump

  4. Bruno Carlos Caetano Santos says:

    He’s a sexual predator, pure and simple.

  5. mamitachocolate says:

    “B-b-but ALL men say this kind of thing!” -Delulu Trump Supporters

  6. Luke Gibson says:

    If Bill Clinton or Obama said this, they would be considered funny and down
    to earth. The hypocrisy is massive.

  7. GladkyAndrey says:

    Show us full context. It seems like a joke.

  8. Steven Torrey says:

    just it a problem with Trumpster ‘s sexuality or an inability to filter
    (discipline) his mouth!? Either way, he has no business in the White House!

  9. S Kane says:

    What is up with this guy?? He is so obsessed with women, and not just
    sleeping with them but, their looks and their age. What a disgusting thing
    to say about a little girl.

  10. Rosalind Kellum says:

    trump is a pedophile. he should be in jail. trump is a dirty old man!!

  11. Bruni says:

    You’re not a pedophile if you want to date anyone 18+

  12. Andy Ross says:

    FUCK ur propaganda videos and your Illuminati eye symbol on your fucking
    CBS News avatar

  13. DTR89 says:

    CBS = SEE BS

  14. A O Smith says:

    Its a Joke Children, are you really believing this CBS propaganda, wake up

  15. townsjim says:

    Seems like you Americans have lost your sense of humour, Trump was clearly
    making a joke.

  16. wowboi69 says:

    Fucking quit with this bullshit. You too YouTube what the fuck. Get your
    shit together.

  17. joshmaster618 says:

    Bill Clinton is a rapist

  18. QOOQ8808 says:

    He had said he’d fuck his daughter. Just remember that.

  19. Sam H says:

    The excuses trump supporters make for donald are hilarious

  20. Regina George says:

    Liberal media is so desperate…