Trump – McDonald’s Commercial (2002)

Trump – McDonald’s Commercial (2002)

The Donald comes face-to-face with a very iconic McDonald’s character (no, not The Ronald!) in this commercial from 2002.

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20 Responses

  1. Lenny Jr. says:

    At least its not some cringy bullshit with pop stars

  2. Aslanbek Dudaev says:

    Trump makes me proud to be an American!

  3. Golden Stacked Warriors says:

    Celebrities and companies loved Trump before he ran. They knew his past, it was nothing new. All of a sudden they hate him and think he’s a racist/homophobe/islamophobe? They’re all fake.

  4. I Killed A Genie For This Cat says:

    *Why is this trending, is it because Trumps in the title?*

  5. N.E.T.izpossible says:

    Admit it. McDonald’s is trash but it’s still better than Trump Cafe.

  6. zervan zervan says:

    Obama tapped Trump’s wife!

  7. Luckykuku says:

    …i’ve never questioned it until now…..but how the hell is mcdonalds making profit with a $1 sandwhich?

  8. Bill Bob says:

    Trump may be entertaining, and probably is a fine person. However he is doing a horrible job as president, I won’t be supporting him in 2020. He is Bush 2.0 so far, just look at his Administration. Sad. I would rather him just go back to TV. 🙂

  9. Johan Delaney says:

    This has been the best commercial in the history of commercials, maybe ever

  10. kev diaz says:

    how the fuck is this trending

  11. Deadwaste says:

    for context, this is from mcdonald’s twitter account
    @realdonaldtrump You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President and we would love to have @BarackObama back. also you have tiny hands.

  12. DoodleDoo says:

    eat burgers or be deported ILIKETHAT

  13. Scotty Beeman says:

    Haha pink slime just like trump. You package it with “colorful” words while you fill it with the ground up bones and miscellaneous parts and sell it to the aberage dumbass american

  14. Jos Pat says:

    wow Trump is going to go down as the worst president ever. i wonder if they will erase his name from the history book so that Americans can feel proud again.

  15. Mike Fitch says:

    Two different things in one commercial that are terrible for people’s health.

  16. CHAOS says:

    *Grab them by the Nugget*

  17. Eat Veggies - Save Me says:

    Like the fake food he’s selling, Trump is a *fake* President

  18. Regina George says:

    Trump was pretty hot?

  19. Don'tYouHateItWhen... says:

    I honestly miss the Big and Tasty, it was the only good burger from Mcdonald’s.

  20. Nautical Narwhal says:

    Best president in 20 years and Im loving it.

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