Trump Misses his limo

Trump Misses his limo

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20 Responses

  1. TyRex says:

    825 views and trending. Give me a break xD

  2. Avery says:

    Why is this trending?

  3. Timothy Mckenna says:


  4. Heyy Now says:

    Youtube trending page is nothing but Left Wing BS

  5. shadownavi64 says:

    LOL Nice trending page ya cunts

  6. Super swagger says:

    How is this trending with 1k views

  7. cj martinez93 says:

    is YouTube related to CNN or what

  8. Ken Bone says:

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ How do you miss the car right in front of you? He needs his head checked out.

  9. TheGeRiG says:

    Waiting for comments like this: “Why is this trending?”

  10. Bob Dole says:

    1k views in 9 hours. Lovin the trend

  11. FeNite8 says:

    Bill Clinton Is A Rapist

  12. M Sanchez. fdt says:

    dumb ass

  13. Luis Perez says:

    He’s probably daydreaming about his future private meeting with Putin, his holster is ready.

  14. Nightmare C says:

    Nice edits.

    This was a photo shoot for the camera lady before you sloppily clipped the video.
    0:07 to the left of the soldier.

    FAKE NEWS. Sad!

    Don’t try the demencia shitposts on this.

  15. Nightmare C says:

    Let’s not forget that Hillary would not miss the limo

    They would have dragged her stiff corpse right to it, and loaded her like a sack of potatoes

  16. Garrett Dunnavant says:

    This was so obviously made trending on purpose

  17. CR7OVERMESSI says:

    Fake news

  18. Rich Penor says:

    This video is cut out and edited lol.
    This is just pathetic from the left.

  19. Astro Tag1 says:

    My god he’s a dumb jackass.

  20. Evil Component says:

    This video is clearly a joke, but conservatives have to try their best to make to shame this video for being “Liberal”.

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