Trump mocks reporter with disability

Trump mocks reporter with disability

Donald Trump is under fire again, this time for mocking a New York Times reporter that suffers from a chronic condition. CNN’s John Berman reports

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20 Responses

  1. Connor Reed says:

    More people hate trump the more popular he gets.

    He is an oddity that the more criticism he receives the further his
    campaign will flourish.

  2. akhil shriram says:

    if trump becomes the president he surely will with his horrible attitude
    make countries like China Russia and India etc his enemies….and annoy
    many more…..and there (sorry to say) he will be the cause of the 3rd ww

  3. Opie-One Cannoli says:

    This news segment is laughable.

  4. ThunderbirdSport99 says:


  5. Lefebvre Julien says:

    No respect for everybody but himself. It’s time to face the fact that this
    guy is most definitely a genuine sociopath.

  6. MikeTheRomanSoldier says:

    Of course CNN would post this…this isn’t even fucking news. Fuck CNN and
    fuck that reporter too

  7. Joshua Booth says:

    What’s up, guys. You Deserve A Hug. oceanic picture What’s your opinion
    about that, guys !!!

  8. MrSatanochio says:

    Hello, people of America. Can you do us all a favor and kill this idiot…?

  9. Flyboy16 says:

    rich but yet low life behavior

  10. monica fruit says:

    I’m seriously hoping for marco vs rubio

  11. Mark C says:

    total fucking wanker

  12. P Oppsie says:

    Why can the left ridicule Trump’s appearance but Trump has to hold to
    higher standards? Get used to it. Your pearl clutching act doesn’t work

  13. Don't Wait Just Skate says:

    Trump: ‘fuck, i haven’t been in the news, what can I do to get publicity?

  14. 561ENTERPRISE says:

    Wow Really. That’s not what I seen. I seen him repeat what the guy said and
    how he said it. IMO. Also the news better be careful on how they write
    news. IMO. GO TRUMP..!

  15. philthestampede says:

    @AmA OmO who the fuck are you? You can’t set minimum standards for
    political correctness in order to be labeled a “human”. You aren’t the
    queen of the world, dumbass.

  16. David Liew says:

    Sometimes, I don’t understand God. Killed Kennedy but gave us this guy…

  17. Dylan Brendle says:

    Trump is a twat

  18. Ismaiel Aden says:

    What did you guys really except?? Normal people believe a little thought
    and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money, but
    not trump lol.

  19. Hockey Badger 16 says:

    That’s just mean and rude I’

  20. spencer mcwilliams says:

    I’d vote this guy in knowing that our country would fall, but at least I’d
    get a few laughs on the way down