Trump NFT Cold Open – SNL

Trump NFT Cold Open – SNL

Donald Trump (James Austin Johnson) gets help from Donald Trump Jr. (Mikey Day) and Kimberly Guilfoyle (Cecily Strong) to announce his collection of NFT digital trading cards.

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42 Responses

  1. Porcelain Panel Pro says:

    “There they go, what a terrible couple.” Near perfect timing with a straight face.

  2. Kallah’Yasar Bat’YAHUAH! • BRIDE of יהושע says:

    He’s legit the best Trump impression I’ve heard.
    It’s not cartoony like most peoples. It just feels realistic and funny.

  3. Playbyplaymedia says:

    Cecily Strong can impersonate over-the-top characters like no one else. She’ll be missed until she’s seen again.

  4. Isaac Buckley says:

    That classified documents mystery prize joke was underrated.

  5. John Griffith says:

    Hard to be more hilarious than the real thing but these guys pulled it off. Hats off for snl

  6. Tihetris Weathersby says:

    Second I saw the Trump NFT announcement I knew it was going to make it on SNL, It literally writes itself

    • RASTA LOVE says:

      I set my alarm before I took a that I wouldn’t miss it.

    • MsDaydream3r says:

      When heard about the announcement, my first thought was “When did real life become an SNL skit?”

    • eltorocal says:

      @Jesse Torres Do you know of even ONE thing that Drumpf has been involved with that didn’t start from FRAUD?

    • Cassadinegirlaz says:

      Holy crap they’re real?! I thought it had to be joke……..

    • E.J. Wyllie says:

      But the Bible says that in the end of days, Christians waiting on the rapture is a supernatural flight risk due to the fact that they aid and abet politicians, pastors, money controllers and Jesus to steal life insurance policies from citizens and the LBGT community by blocking their rights and freedoms.

  7. Elene says:

    The best part was that they put James Austin Johnson’s face on the cards, and so seamlessly too.

  8. friendly76 says:

    As hilarious as this skit was, the actual announcement itself was even funnier!! 😂

    • David salo says:

      After this stunt, trump might be losing the element of surprise. Really, what next?

    • Mike Jones says:

      Trump may be the greatest troll to ever live. The lefties fall for it every single time too.

    • Sirens Atnight says:

      As much as I can’t stand Donald Trump, I think his digital playing card scam is brilliant and he did a great job of making it entertaining. In fact, this has to be the one and only time I sat up and admired something he has done. This is some great stuff! And of course, why buy any of his silly cards or fall for any money scams concerning him? It’s all free, just like sex is supposed to be. The guy is a bonafide drip. Just so much fun this time around, as much of a traitor as he is.

    • FanOblues51 says:

      The announcement sure seemed like something from The Onion.

    • Susan Leilani says:

      And pathetic!! So embarrassing that an actual former President would lower himself to such a level with these horrible cards. Imagine what another later generation would say about DT and his narcissistic deck of cards. Unbelievable, I couldn’t look at him directly when that “commercial” played. I wonder what all the European leaders are said about him when that came out?!

  9. Pokav1deo says:

    Fantastic as always. His Bobby Flay is tear inducing. Hoping he brings it to SNL soon 😊

  10. haha h says:

    1:11 I LOVE how the costume staff are able to make his hands look SO SMALL😂😂😂

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