Trump on arrest of mail bomb suspect: ‘Americans must unify’

Trump on arrest of mail bomb suspect: ‘Americans must unify’

President Trump, addressing the 2018 Young Black Leadership Summit, praises law enforcement for the arrest of suspect Cesar Sayoc and condemns political violence in America

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76 Responses

  1. King Bobby says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen. We got them!

  2. PEDRO MERINO says:

    From who did Cesar get the idea> mmmmm I wonder….

  3. LES MORRISON says:

    This is the man that repeatedly calls for violence during his rallies. Hypocrite.

  4. Lisa Bellini says:

    trump is to blame. yet he tries to blame the media. it is there job. yours is not to continually spread hate, lies, fear by doing so he is diving america. And the pipe bombs where sent to all to Democrats. How can it not be politically motivated. Lets hope trump understands what he is doing. The van that belonged to Cesar Soyoc had stickers all over the windows of the van. they were of Trump, Pence, Republican logo and CNN Sucks. this is what trumps lies are doing to people of America.

  5. C C says:

    Now you appreciate the FBI?

    • John Hussynec says:

      +daniel carrillo he has not incited anyone to commit crimes. Maxine Waters however had incited her followers to form mobs and drive Republicans out. Hillary Clinton has incited her supporters to stop being civil and fight and to be civil again when the Democrats take power again. Pathetic when politicians tell their people this.

    • FBI says:

      That’s right.

  6. Damian Torres says:

    Red dead redemption 2 is amazing, best 60 dollars ever spent

  7. phyzycs says:

    Nice pivot. Rile people up and get them to attack anyone that’s not a white republican. Then, when someone follows his advice, back pedal and say “that’s a no no.” That’s some gaslighting.

    • Catfish Alexander says:

      Your a racist…. also this is a blatant false flag, Caeser is a registered dem, coming from the same county as the biggest shyster of them all, Debbie “Deepstate” Washerman-schultz. Cough your a blatant idiot go away troll.

    • Bill Adkins says:

      But it was ok for nancy pelosi,
      And maxine waters to call for attacks against republicans

      Racist much?

  8. Renee Dupree says:

    Everybody’s all mad now cuz they blamed the left for this and they were wrong

  9. MovedMasterMike says:

    Conservatives are so desperate now…. ”stickers are fake, hair is fake, van is fake, hat is fake, paid by the DNC, it was the deep state!” lmaooo

  10. barbara Walker says:

    It’s choking him to say those kind word’s.I don’t beleive he’s sincere at all.

  11. Zvz Sun says:

    Bravo to the men and women investigating this attack on our country. God bless the U.S.A! U.S.A!!! U.S.A!!! U.S.A!!!!

  12. Filthy Scorpion says:

    Not saying its not this Cesar fellow that did this, but isnt it kind of crazy how much control of the country the media etc has? The government could stroll into the house of any poor guy or gal and arrest them with the charge of something like this, then the media would cover it, and BOOM everyone believes it, and they are guilty. Even if its not true. Just kinda insane how much the world relies on others to get information. Again, not saying this guy didnt do it, cause the evidence/records we have make it pretty clear. Just something to think about.

    • joan boccafola says:

      Filthy, this guy will go to trial. He’s a pro-Trump supporter, goes to Trump rallies. Not that all Trump supporters are this violent but they do tend to be angry, especially at women since they are always chanting “Lock HER up” – there are no HIM’s to lock up. I have one! The Orange Liar from Queens.

    • MajorEvan says:

      Filthy Scorpion Considering you’re one of the 50 million people who said THE EXACT SAME THING. No you’re not special in any way. Nobody is guilty unless proven by the criminal justice system AFTER AN INVESTIGATION provides enough evidence to warrant an arrest and ultimately a prosecution. Prosecutors don’t need public opinion one or another to convict someone.

  13. Union Strong says:

    Meanwhile back at the farm… As they’re distracting us and dividing us with this stupid nonsense I wonder, on what other devious stuff are they conspiring? While we squabble and pick sides and call names and choose between red and blue they are free to carry on their agenda.

  14. D S says:

    Trump has a split personality , speak of unified one minute then goes off the rail

  15. HydroArctic says:

    It’s a lot easier to unify when you don’t blame the wrong people for creating a divide in the first place. This is your fault Trump, own up to your mistakes like a man. You’ve been the president for 2 years in a republican super majority, not everything is the Democrats fault.

  16. None Ya says:

    Yeah we must unify!
    And, vote you and all Republicans out!

  17. Spiritus Umbra says:

    Why is it so hard for the left to do the same and condemn antifa and other violent leftist groups who have hurt so many people

  18. WoioW oioW says:

    I’m glad no one was hurt.

  19. william santos says:

    Another trump supporters in jail.

  20. Goahead says:

    I predicted the bomber would an uneducated low life scumbag who is a Republican. Oh snap, the prediction is SO true! Fox News must be SO proud! It’s one of your dedicated viewers! Another brainwashed POS homeless conservative loser down!

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