Trump Picks Fights on Twitter, Pisses Off World: A Closer Look

Trump Picks Fights on Twitter, Pisses Off World: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the latest fights President Trump has picked with the rest of the world as his approval ratings hit new lows.
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Trump Picks Fights on Twitter, Pisses Off World: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. CN what I'm Saiyan? says:

    Emmanuel Macron: “Make our PLANET great again.”

  2. Dan Aalfs says:

    he is a giant embarrassment to anyone who calls themselves an American and I feel so disgusted to call myself American at this point. it seems like he wants to piss off literally everyone in the fucking world

  3. Get Rekt says:

    So Trump tweeted about how bad his “travel ban” was, when his administration has been defending it by claiming that it’s not a ban. This tells us 2 things:
    1. Trump is so stupid that he is destroying his own presidency with what he says.
    2. Trump’s presidency is so bad that Trump attacks himself, and his own policies.

  4. ever says:

    lol technically , we can’t even say we picked him😂

  5. Juliet Chuang says:

    I missed you Seth

  6. xtopher foster says:

    it seems most of our terrorist issues are HOMEGROWN rather than they are foreign related

  7. xCaptxCrunchx says:

    Why does Donald Trumpf want to Start WW3? Why does Donald Trumpf Hate America???

  8. Adrian Rami says:

    He’s Orange Trash his own kind of white Trash

  9. Akseer Khan says:

    Trump literally does not care about the future. Believe me.

  10. Mo Max says:

    Donald trump I’m a Somalian my country literally went through years of drought And famine so has a large portion of the continent you can ruin your reputation as much as you like just don’t destroy the world in your mission. keep Mother Earth green ✊🏾

  11. xellos metallium says:

    Seth Myers is a genius. Trump “I was elected to represent…. the United States of…. Fox News.”

    Instant Classic.

  12. HuckFinn says:

    Donald Trump is incontrovertible proof that turnip trucks do, in fact, frequently lose produce.


    As an American with an IQ of more than 5, I would like to apologize for everything (past, present, and future) that the racist Oompa-Loompa says. He does not speak for all Americans. Please do not hate us for the crimes of our “leader”

  14. floppy280 says:

    God, Kellyanee Conway looks and sounds like a melted wax dummy. I wish she would stop appearing on…well, everything.

  15. Chloe Lewin says:

    ‘I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not paris’ does he even realize the agreement isn’t just for Paris?! What a joke

  16. Spicy Boi says:

    Trump is becoming a national embarassment

  17. Serpentgrad says:

    Trump: I was elected to represent……….the people of Pittsburgh, not Paris.

    People of Paris: Thank F****ck for that.

  18. Vincent Franklin says:

    Trump puts his foot in his mouth so much, he”s got tread marks on his tongue!

  19. Johnny Bravo says:

    You know what’s worse than Trump…..Trump supporters.

  20. Lorna Ginette Harrison says:

    On behalf of my fellow Britons, whatever their ethnicity or religion:-

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