Trump reverses parts of Obama-era Cuba policy | The View

Trump reverses parts of Obama-era Cuba policy | The View

“The View” co-hosts weigh the pros and cons of the new policy.

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20 Responses

  1. Linda Brown says:

    Jed, Please “Shut Up”

  2. Uncle Sammy says:

    Jed has been showing her true colors lately. Not saying its wrong, but its noticeable

  3. I'm Always Right says:

    Jed with all her “facts” and all this information she allegedly knows. She’s the new Elizabeth. She likes Trump’s lawyer – that speaks volumes

  4. Gregory Reed says:

    Shut up Jed!!!! Goddddd

  5. D Epperson says:

    Jed has joined the contest of republicans-of who can say the dumbest stuff.

  6. Rita E says:

    Oh brother! These idiots still don’t get it. Pouring their agenda into the minds of the uneducated watching msm for their information. Research the matters out for yourselves!

  7. Dina Hassanein says:

    Shut up, Jed. Please.

  8. Ryan Reynold says:

    dont agree with jed..but she can handle a 4 vs 1 …..

  9. Jasbir Kaur says:

    Why is it that Jed claims she is not republic but always supports every single decision of pres. trump?!

  10. User Friendly says:

    Sometimes Jed makes me want to drink…heavily.

  11. Keeper Seven says:

    Whoopi Goldberg black woman millionaire American complaining about racial discrimination? 😂

  12. Fr33man1988 says:

    Is Goldberg smoking crack!!! How can she compare freedom of speech from Cuba to the United States!

  13. Tsiresy Domingos says:

    This is ridiculous:

    Trump signed an arms deal with Saudi Arabia, which endorses Isis, decapitates on the public square, and bombs Yemen. Saudi Arabia has far more human rights abuses.
    Cuba has been under embargo for 50+ years, and it’s still a dictatorship.
    The only easing we’ve seen from Cuba is that they legalised small business WHEN Obama somewhat reopened US-Cuba relations.

  14. Mr. Kindness says:

    Whoopie told Jedi ,’you have not been over there, you dont know what working over there!
    Jedi is a fox new clone, she spits out the latest conservative talking points, that would defend donald trump. regardless how stupid it is. She has no thoughts of her own.

  15. Xena1908 says:


  16. Dick Fillmore says:

    Love the no answer, no reply to Joy’s “isn’t that where we have Guantanamo Bay?”
    America is the biggest hypocrite in the world when dealing with “human rights”: manifest destiny? modern slavery? Reservations? Segregation? Racist Laws? Preaching Peace when we Sell The Most Weapons In The World? War Criminals like Bush and Cheney still free?
    Religion Extremist and Military Slaves are the Worst Things Ever Produced on Earth.
    Grow Cannabis, End Poverty, Restore Power to the Commoner.

  17. Smooth Sounds Of Jazz says:

    I hate how the US tries to bully Cuba. Saudi Arabia is much worse than Cuba on human rights.

  18. Calis708 says:

    You can’t say your against human rights violations in Cuba, then shake hands with the people in Saudi Arabia. You cannot pick and choose your killers.

  19. Roots says:

    Wow. Jed has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about. She’s literally just making things up.

  20. Superlativegirl says:

    Jed. Is. An. Obama. Hater….. PERIOD!!!!! She can not stand him just like Trump. Anything that Trump does to undermine what Obama put into place Jed supports. This is truth!

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