Trump says he took coronavirus test in press conference

Trump says he took coronavirus test in press conference

President Donald Trump and coronavirus task force team give updates on the disease in a White House briefing. #FoxNews

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85 Responses

  1. Charlotte Blanchard says:

    “Just relax” I love it! 😀

  2. Liz Cuero says:

    Yay, Ben Carson is there. I like what he has done with Tiny Home communities for the homeless.

  3. Shannon Russell, DDS says:

    The media behaves like a bunch of wild animals!

    • Yourname Here says:

      it’s scripted. They’re “players” and the exercise IS Event 201.

    • Crimea River says:

      @Matrix Survivor your ignorance is showing

    • Jeff L says:

      @Jam Hot he never said all the media was but the ones he does call FAKE are just that. Check the facts kid. 98% or higher are negative soo that definitely says FAKE partisan coverage pal

    • Jeff L says:

      @Matrix Survivor yet again the lying leftists accuse us of what they are. Grow up

    • Jeff L says:

      @Matrix Survivor sounds like your feelings are hurt. Sorry the truth hurts you. Maybe Paul Mitchell or L’oreal has some skin volumizing for you to toughen up?

  4. Hahsh Hahhs says:

    Pres. Trump: “Slow down take it nice and easy”

  5. Dakotah Fidazzo says:

    Just take it nice and easy , just relax 😂

    • Blippie Hulk says:

      Dakotah Fidazzo lol I’m trying to be nice. It’s nearly impossible to discuss with anybody. Because all they have are snotty jokes. I just hope all of you realize that Fox News is the worse news channel for actual facts. Quit making it a Democrat or republican thing. It’s old. However I can’t support a side that isn’t for facts, isn’t for equal rights and so on on. We should all mind our own business and to do that we need to have everyone be treated As fair and equal as possible. No matter your race, color sexuality rich or poor. Trump supporters seem to not be for those things. Promoting negativity and hate doesn’t make America great again it makes it worse!

    • Mordenkainen says:

      @Blippie Hulk cringe

    • Doom Guy says:

      @Blippie Hulk cringe

    • TMack1024 says:

      He needs timeout chairs and a dunce caps for these children!

    • Derek Anderson says:

      It’s perfectly normal. IT’S ALL PERFECTLY NORMAL.

  6. Vig orniensis says:

    The media are like a bunch of screaming 4 year olds. They can’t seem to act in a civilised manner. Disgusting.

  7. Carol F Cavanagh says:

    We’re all in this together. Keep healthy and well; stay safe and vigilant!!🤗

  8. ryetim32 says:

    “Just take it nice and easy, just relax” LOL

  9. Oh! Thank G-d for the bourgeoisie! says:

    I love the hat!

  10. Travis Ledo says:

    Imagine if the US starts bowing instead of hand shaking lol

    • IceManLikeGervin says:

      @Peanut’s Fluffy Trump bowed to the Saudi King…what are you talking about.

    • Charles Darwin says:

      Travis Ledo that’s not a bad idea. 👍 I think Americans need to start showing more respect for each other especially the younger generation for older folks. In Asia there used to be respect for the wisdom of elders and your parents.

    • Robert DeFrank says:

      @Peanut’s Fluffy yes you are right—-democrats act like OBUMMER walked on water!

    • shannon11590 says:

      I think its more impersonal to greet someone with a simple hello, etc., however something other than handshakes are clearly needed right now to help prevent the spread of the Corona Virus, furthermore I wouldn’t ever bow to any man!

    • flutter by says:

      @IceManLikeGervin Noe, you’re wrong!! NEVER!! He bent down because they were putting something around his neck!!

  11. AbundantlyClear says:

    When I have a cold, or I sneeze, and someone wants to shake hands, I tell them I have a cold, etc. And, I do not shake their hands. Actually, I am a hugger.
    I use my own pen, when something needs to be signed.

    • readytofly009 says:

      Hugging is not safe, right next to peoples face, never been one myself.

    • Eugene Kudlanov says:

      Good job. We’re so proud of you

    • James Boswell says:

      Always carry around four pens 🖊 one to use, one to lose, one to lend, and an extra one just in case.

    • Cesar Motoa says:

      The Asians have it on point, they bow rather than make physical contact.

    • KBT19X says:

      When someone wants to shake my hand I cough into my hand. When someone wants a hug I tell them I sneezed into my arm. When someone wants to borrow my pen I give them the one that just ran out of ink. (These people never give them back).

  12. F. GARCIA says:

    The only positive thing about coronavirus: DEMS AND REPS are working together.
    Imagine them both working together for usa

    • ZipYour Lib says:

      @Adam No, just getting rid of “The Communism”, it it contradicts the Constitution, the idea log has NO Fock’n place in America, you idiot..

    • li d says:

      Shame you are all WMD loving loonies.

    • David K. says:

      Well, that is like Bernie introducing a corporate tax of 90% and then “working together” with the republicans to reduce taxation to 70%

    • Bob Quinn says:

      @Johnnie Blackburn yeah, can you fricken believe that? “I’m not stickin around for one more minute. Blah blah blah. ” Sorry, I didn’t know how to write it to sound like dentures falling out and not staying in place. With the millions she has, (from stealing while in Congress) she could have afford implants. Only 40-50 grand. Pocket change for her. And their insurance, she’d probably owe 4-5 grand.

    • DeathToTheDictators says:

      @Yousavedbro Heaven Bound “The wicked left” – lol the left (aka people who want progress and change for the better) aren’t ‘wicked’. You’re an ignoramus (like MOST conservatives). Do you even know where the terms right/left come from? From post revolution French parliament, where on the left sat the people who wanted an end to tyranny, and on the right the rich nobles who wanted to ‘conserve’ the tyranny of the king….look it up, smart guy.

  13. tom jens says:

    wow, those “journalists” are lke crazy children… Unbelievable

    • Vanessa bunnie says:

      only the blood of Jesus and the promises of God will protect u 🙂 psalm 91 🙂

    • David K. says:

      You haven’t heard? The white house is a child care center since 2016 … they are required to act like children to be allowed in. Questions that 5 year old children cannot answer are forbidden.

    • ZipYour Lib says:

      @Derek oOh No, hellz NO!! We don’t want to Listen to Insane in the mem’brain Grandpa Biden….lol..Talk about losing his mind!! ..ahHahaha…hA!

    • NerdSwagBoss says:

      @ZipYour Lib obama did more progress on the “wall” than trump

    • ZipYour Lib says:

      @David K.
      Nah, it’s All good now, fruity Obamba & Big Mike have LEFT the building!! All their qedo demons Prayed out of WH too, you LibPerv…

  14. Dragon-Lord Ember says:

    “Just take it nice and easy. Just relax.”

  15. Texas Viewpoint says:

    I wouldn’t give these animal reporters as much time as you do.

  16. 05 Hemi Ram says:

    Its amazing how so many people lack common sense.💀

  17. Chief Louie says:

    When Trump didnt take the test, democrat media called him selfish. Now that he did, they are calling him selfish.

  18. Daniyel P says:

    When did it become normal for the media to act like this…they are like vultures…

  19. Yourname Here says:

    10:13 This part is nice. This is the tempered POTUS, feeding the animals and not getting them upset.
    That’s the voice.

  20. jeejay98 says:

    Sending love and prayers to our President and all Americans 🙏🏻

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