Trump spokesperson grilled over evidence

Trump spokesperson grilled over evidence

President Trump’s deputy press secretary defended Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that President Obama wiretapped his phones at Trump Tower ahead of the 2016 election.

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20 Responses

  1. Lawrence Kithinji says:

    Haha CNN looking for facts!

  2. Bill Crowder says:

    Best Public Poll in the media. The CNN Ratings. Fox News has more viewership then CNN and MSNBC combined.

  3. USAOnlineCasinos says:

    Cnn is terrible…this guy is terrible and the name of the show is reliable sources…CNN is constantly reporting one side of this Russian story and speculating…but dismissing the the Obama admin as nothing to see here…they r on the wrong side of this Russian story and will soon find out

  4. Lord Luke Lightbringer says:

    Donald Trump is a national disgrace and embarrassment to this great country. He’s making unsubstantiated claims without a shred of empirical evidence.

  5. Bananaskin101 says:

    BBC? they have never reported Obama ordered a wire tap on Trump. Watch BBC News 24 so I know she is blatantly lying about that.

  6. Benzie Smith says:

    All of Trump’s surrogates are fat.

  7. rugby3230 says:

    I love how this trump supporters are calling CNN fake news for reporting that the president is indeed spouting fake news. Trumps supporters will believe daddy trumps baseless claims over CNN reporting that Trump has nothing but baseless claims. Sad.

  8. sohaib agouba says:

    What the For GOD sake is up with Trump.

  9. paperBag OnHead says:

    They won’t investigate this claim by trump, they call it out.
    They did investigate the russia conspiracy theory about trump, they roll with it, knowing it’s a conspiracy theory.

    Double standards. Trumps an idiot, so is CNN, the democrats and anyone who believes that stupid “russia conspiracy” theory. World has gone mad. People just believe whatever they want without evidence. CNN and the democrats have helped create this climate.

  10. Hector Diaz says:

    “I disliked because CNN bad and Trump good”- Trumpling.

  11. SoWavyFernandez says:

    For God sake, can anyone in Trump’s team tell the truth for a change?

  12. SoWavyFernandez says:

    Trump the liar in chief.

  13. Tomislav Krtalic says:

    Well it’s coming from Bannon to Breitbart..

  14. Russian President Trump says:

    Trump is getting desperate because he knows the gig is up on Russia. Rachel Maddow figured it out and I am sure he got nervous watching her show last week. I can’t wait to see what connections she will uncover next.

  15. James Akins says:

    CNN you have to stay professional you guys act like little children

  16. Smirk090887 says:

    Last 6 months on CNN has been….
    “Trump in bed with Putin” from “anonymous source”.
    CNN immediately defends Obama from allegations of wiretap, I can’t be the only one who can see the b.s.

  17. booby b says:

    CNN is fake news.

  18. Digital Zack says:

    CNN spokesperson grilled over evidence

  19. fearleslegend says:

    oops she fucked up big time i bet the orange clown will grab her by the pussy tonight

  20. Al Mier says:

    the funny thing everything Trump has been saying has come true. CNN is fake News have never believed in them and never will.

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