Trump supporter attacked in San Jose, left bleeding.

Trump supporter attacked in San Jose, left bleeding.

via YouTube Capture

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19 Responses

  1. S WADE says:

    A bunch of fucking beaners waving around the beaner flag while not living
    in beaner country. The irony stings the eyes like mustard gas.

  2. Kevin G says:

    What are these subhumans going to do when Trump wins? I say we send in an
    army of flamethrowers. TRUMP 2016!!!

  3. lt714diver says:

    We should do that to Komrade Bernie or Killary. Oh wait, we have to work.

  4. Zoe Park says:

    Absolutely pathetic trash and Obama promotes this behavior. We need a real
    man in the White House. Cannot wait until Bathroom Barry packs his bags.
    Time to build the wall and more prisons, put disgusting democrats on the
    other side of the wall or in prison for life. Criminal and illegal trash.
    By the way, is George Soros still alive?

  5. brad0021 says:

    If I saw that I would have run across the street and knocked the shit out
    of that protestor in defense of this guy. The short jail time would have
    been worth it to watch him hit the concrete and shit his pants. Wow that
    makes me mad as hell seeing this.

  6. Eric says:

    This thug needs to be identified so he can be tried for attempted murder.

  7. himynameistim says:

    Fuck those assholes

  8. Connor yeomans (Mrgameuk) says:

    He could use them Rock’s for the wall trump will be building

  9. Mary Whitcomb says:

    Not “my bad” buddy. This is the United States of America. You can yell,
    Trump Trump all you want and NO ONE has a right to hit you.

  10. Lifetrader says:

    These illegal scums days are numbered.

  11. Mabeh Al-Zuq Yadeek says:

    That whore of a reporter with “did you say anything to provoke the

    LOL. Would you ask a rape victim if they provoked the rape? Would you ask a
    murder victim if they provoked the murder (lol)? Dumb whore.

  12. Intersectional Fascist says:

    those are mestizos fighting for their racial interest, they couldn’t care
    less about socialism
    it’s not a left vs right issue and if you still don’t realize this, you’re
    a fool

  13. herc ules says:

    camera should’ve caught that it was that small pussy in the grey shirt
    right away. then go and try to get him in a hurry. make sure he’s arrested,

  14. Daisy Little says:

    Dont miss with mexicans. :)

  15. Korban Swartz says:

    Bernie supporter here – I can definitely say that 99% of Bernie supporters
    think this kind if violence is ridiculous.

  16. Gregory Long says:

    This thug went to the event WITH A BAG OF ROCKS
    Clearly premeditated.
    This thug hit a man in the HEAD
    Clearly malicious in his actions
    He should be found and receive no less than 20 years. He shouldn’t be
    allowed on the streets where my family walks.

  17. maxcohen13 says:

    In all seriousness, did you expect any other type of behavior from the

  18. The Ultimate Quaker says:

    POS illegal trash need to be beaten to a pulp then deported. Trump was
    always right about these savages.

  19. TheMrPieDaddy says:

    He’s going to do that to the wrong person one day and end up dead… Can
    you really feel sorry if that’s the outcome? I sure as hell can’t.