Trump Supporter Punches Protester in the Face

Trump Supporter Punches Protester in the Face

At a Donald Trump rally on March 9 in Fayetteville, North Carolina, a black protester was punched in the face by a Trump supporter. Event security arrested the victim, rather than his attacker.

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20 Responses

  1. Matt NOYFB says:

    Oh man, those Trump supporters are a bunch of racist meanies, right guys?

    Am I cool yet?

  2. Some Delicious Crisp Perfectly Aged Potatoes. says:

    *For Trump! FOR TRUMP*

  3. Julio Chao says:


  4. Jaycee Brooks says:

    Everybody honestly needs to chill the fuck down.. You can’t believe all the
    stereotypes against black people. It’s us white people fucking shit up ?

  5. T Bannon says:

    DRUMPF is a cocksucker. Now amuse me. Start with the military setting that
    draft dodging coward straight. HURRY the FUCK UP….I’m commanding you

  6. Naruto Kurama says:

    why are ghetto monkey like this allowed to breed.

  7. rapturekevin says:

    I see from the outside its the trump rally who’s rights are being infringed
    on. As a Canadian we share the same freedoms . The right to peaceful
    assembly (rally) , the right association (Trump), the right of free speach
    and the right to vote! Somewhere in your Constitution it says this. I don’t
    see Trump follower causing trouble and infringing basic rights at other
    rally’s. Good job!

  8. Mike Mcneill says:

    did you see the white girl that was with them lol she looked so embarrassed

  9. WalkingWITL says:

    all these comments prove more about trump supporters than the video.

  10. Anthony Garcia says:

    this is so fucked up those fat pigs should be fired

  11. Maxoil says:

    What happened before hand? All of these vids that claim Trump supporters
    are violent, most have been lies by the media and individuals that are
    against Trump. Just like last week when the Lib media claimed Trumps
    private security attacked a photographer. The next day the truth came out
    and as it turned out the photographer attacked a secret service agent, so
    the media purposely LIED. And how is Trump responsible for what one or even
    all of his supporters do.

  12. WuLfPaCK S says:

    Make America great again… for Whites

  13. Juan Cahuana says:

    The cowboy Guy attached him first and he didn’t get arrested. omg

  14. Avraham Gersham says:

    All white trump supporters are racist and oppress black people and is
    proven fact

  15. Dae Nae says:

    white privilege

  16. Lil' Queef says:


  17. Howard Morton says:

    Bout time niggers got a taste of their own medicine.

  18. Mr.Logic23 says:

    In all fairness, black people sucker punch people at all the time. If you
    witnessed their behavior such as knockout games, it is all about sucker
    punching people. So it is nice to see some white folks are fighting back.

  19. Carlos Mejia says:

    Reading these comments is saddening.
    Such stupidity and ignorance. Didn’t think it really was that bad, but that
    being said i believe we must eradicate racists from this earth.

  20. HerzWatIThink says:

    The Black guy started it! Good to see the police being allowed to do their
    job for a change!