Trump surrogate confronted about faked biographical claims

Trump surrogate confronted about faked biographical claims

Donald Trump surrogate Pastor Mark Burns walks out of an interview with CNN’s Victor Blackwell when asked about false biographical claims. Burns later admitted that he “overstated” details of his biography.

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20 Responses

  1. Eddy SnowDen says:

    The only reason i would vote for Trump is because i don’t want to see her
    in the white house. If anyone gives me another reason to vote for Donald
    i’ll be thankful

  2. yomamasapeach says:

    Remember when MSNBC attacked Pastor Burns like animals, and wouldn’t let
    him finish his sentences?
    Remember when CNN interviewed him and frequently cut him off?
    The mainstream media controls a narrative that they make, they want you to
    not think for yourself, because an independent person is a dangerous person
    to their prized candidate.

  3. 7181973 says:

    CNN is basically telling people to vote for Hillary.
    But if we look from every angles, TRUMP is the best choice. No one is
    perfect and we are all sinners before God, including Pastor Mark Burns.
    America must be great again with Jobs and better Security. We need that

  4. poeticjustice2000 says:

    The pastor’s first impulse is to lie and launch into double-talk nonsense.

  5. dwayne601 says:

    Getting caught 101:
    1. Deflect, deflect, deflect…
    2. Get the hell outta dodge

  6. Marks Daman says:

    Remember the Donald only surrounds himself with the best people.

  7. linkinpark678 says:

    CNN is lying. Pastor Burns does have a masters degree: from Trump
    University in Cooning Affairs.

  8. Bruno Lopez says:

    I’m disgusted to even be the same species as that thing

  9. ArtisanTony says:

    LOL, CNN attacks this guy but lets Hillary off the hook.

  10. Brandon Hartman says:

    Why the fuck did YouTube send me a notification for this? I don’t watch the
    brainwashing mainstream media.

  11. Giovanni vargas says:

    he talks about God & Jesus n soppourts trumps ???? GOD = good ……..
    TRUMP = hate n racism how a pastor Gona soppourt hate ??? it’s people like
    him who put da name of God in a bad way

  12. Dominic Cifarelli says:

    Seriously, why the fuck am I getting notifications from shit I am not
    subbed to. Its hapoened several times and it seems to be ONLY Trump stories
    from the Left… Fuck you YouTube, and especially fuck you CNN

  13. shugo332 says:

    More lies from the communist news network. You all should be ashamed of

  14. Romeo's Animals says:

    just like every other pastor, just trying to make money

  15. Ticci Casey says:

    I thought surrogate meant that person that carries a baby for people who
    cant. Fail. I failed.

  16. Green Raver (M u s i c) says:


  17. Steven “Riomar” Martir says:

    CNN, democratic pigs, all they care about is their party. They manipulate
    people and situations for their own cause.

  18. Callie Sullivan says:

    “Positive vision that will unify our country” HA!

  19. kyle p says:

    This is a lot like when Hillary lied about landing under sniper fire in

  20. CISCO POLO says:

    Trump paid him off… & Now tryn to get Black votes Lol. Smart but Black’s
    aint stupid nor they gonna change ther minds bc of Fatboy ??? ALL U DID
    ANYTHING! Smart move on Trump tho. But it won’t work!!!!