Trump Tells Earth to Go F**k Itself: The Daily Show

Trump Tells Earth to Go F**k Itself: The Daily Show

President Trump withdraws from the Paris climate accord, making the U.S. one of three nations on earth to not participate in the deal.

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20 Responses

  1. StrangeExistence says:

    Someone should tell him that this climate change thing might flood his Mar-A-Lago resort… Maybe he would care then.

  2. Jaron Hsu says:

    “Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will the Cheeto man realize we cannot eat money.”

    ― Cree Indian Prophecy

  3. bmsisawsome says:

    Just wondering, not super well know with The USA government system of passing things. Is there not a majority vote needed to do something like this? Because this is fucking INSANE!! The only way Donald Trump is making America great again is when America kicks this imbecile out of office and not make The world as a whole suffer for The Actions of someone who runs a Country with exclusively his own business in mind

  4. Your Mom says:

    I live in the Maldives. The world’s lowest country and the first to be affected by sea level rise. If Global Warming keeps up he’s going to doom my people and my homeland. Yes you represent Pittsburgh. But your decision affects more than the borders of your country.

  5. ninja of fire says:

    impeach this idiot before he destroys the world.

  6. Barbara Dalzell says:

    “When did the world start laughing at us?”
    *When your dumb ass took over!*
    “We don’t want the world laughing at us anymore!”
    *Then STFU Donald! My God! Stop giving them REASONS to laugh at us, moron!* Ffs! Smh… Every time I think he’s reached his “ass hole limit” he pushes that line a lil further down!! Where is it gonna stop?! Where is he gonna leave us? God help us all. Save us from this maniac before it’s to late! *THIS IS “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”? REALLY??*

  7. se7en the great says:

    the whole world if they have balls should stand up and stop dealing with United states, all together.

  8. xXHamatoYoshiXx says:

    This imbecile needs to be dragged out of office and his supporters sterilized. Protesting isn’t going to do shit. What happened to Occupy Wall Street? Signing a petition isn’t going to do shit either when corporations have political influence and not the people. Just how much further to total annihilation must we get to before we actually get this country on track? Oh that’s right, it’s not going to happen, collapse is imminent, and we’re all fucked because we allowed stupid people to bring upon the extinction of the human race.

  9. Richard Willford says:

    58% of Americans eligible to vote took part in the election.
    46.1% voted for Trump.
    Trump’s approval rates are pending between 36% – 42%. An all-time record low.
    70% of Americans want to remain in the Paris agreement.
    That is a LOUSY mandate to say no to 190 countries, 99% of all climate research and 20 years of negotiations.

    Another glorious victory for the Idiot in Chief!

  10. iamgazzz says:

    Here’s my theory:  Emmanuel Macron snubbed Trump at NATO and made him his bitch and so Trump in his sulky “I’ll show him” tantrum pulls out of the Paris accord because Macron is French.

  11. Sean Day says:

    God I hate Republicans.

  12. Deepak Bhardwaj says:

    DONALD just said: “I am offering you a hike of $10 a month and in return I am killing your Grandchildren. Deal done!”

  13. Al Kydah says:

    “Yeah I know we’re gonna destroy the world, but it’s worth it if it pisses off the libtards!”
    Every Trumptard ever.

  14. Craparella Smørrebrød says:

    Dear US: What a Night! What a nation! What a WANKER you have for a president!

  15. paxamericanafilms says:

    This is all because Macron bruised trumpty dumpty’s ego with the handshake of doom

  16. James Russell says:

    Hey, Trumpy, its global climate change, you fucking twat! It doesn’t just affect one specific single place. Did you put too much hair product on your head growing up, coz that might explain the hair and your idiocy.

  17. sniffthecactus duh says:

    Sincerely United States of America,

    Fuck you.

  18. AVAtor990 says:

    Trump is a sociopath. I genuinely think you Americans elected a mentally ill person as your president.

  19. Fancy Pancy says:

    This is such an embarrassment. Only Nicaragua, Syria and USA are not in this agreement. I’ll never forgive Trump voters. The dumbest people on the planet.

  20. MiNoxus says:

    I wish Trump’s father had pulled out.

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