Trump Threatens Comey, Gives Russia Classified Info: A Closer Look

Trump Threatens Comey, Gives Russia Classified Info: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at reports that Trump revealed classified information to Russian diplomats and his increasingly authoritarian-like abuses of power.
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Trump Threatens Comey, Gives Russia Classified Info: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Dan Aalfs says:

    I am no longer surprised and that’s what scares me the most of all !

  2. IhaveaPlaystation4 says:

    I’d make a “Trump is so bad…” joke but I’m afraid that all the jokes have been made.

  3. Cammy O says:

    Obama, button your shirt, tRump button your lip!

  4. Rishabh Kumar says:

    How much further the bar for democracy will drop until it becomes authoritarian..

  5. Archer Sterling says:

    Trump literally gives classified information to a foreign adversary.

    *Republicans Respond: But Her Emails!*

  6. joshua maynard says:

    When will Trump be impeached

  7. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    Trump’s ties to Russia are fishier than the smell of an unwashed vagina.

  8. JosayyLmao says:

    How does Kellyanne live with herself? I once lied about not having gum when a friend of mine wanted some and I still feel guilty about it. Is being shameless a requirement to be part of the Trump admin?

  9. beastalchemist says:

    Do your job, Congress!

  10. Carmen says:

    the only good thing about trumps presidency is that Hollywood will make one hell of a movie out of it once its over 😉

  11. Suleman Rana says:

    Good god this is so embarrassing to watch.

  12. Das Bloo says:

    There is literally nothing we can do but watch ourselves crash and burn ;-;

  13. Wings & Strings says:

    Spineless, traitorous dogshit is the only apt way to describe anyone who still supports the Jaundiced Orangutan in Chief.

  14. DataWaveTaGo says:

    Trump’s dementia is advancing:
    Donald Trump thinks he invented the phrase ‘priming the pump’ and other phrases.
    Not unusual for advancing dementia. A dementia person forgets many things over time and as old memories resurface they believe a resurfaced event, phrase or image is “new” and they take ownership of it. Just ask anyone dealing with an elder family member how that works.

  15. Sandra Nelson says:

    Trump supporters, this goes beyond the GOP program of misogyny, xenophobia and the murder of millions of poor and middle class through loss of healthcare. He is now endangering the security of the US, Canada, The EU and NATO. When will enough be enough? You might as well start learning Russian.

  16. Adam Greenan says:

    if we give him three scoops, will he resign please?

  17. Taco1011 says:

    Meanwhile, I’m in Canada, thankful that Trump is not my problem. #NotMyPresidentNotMyProblem

  18. John Mirra says:

    after trump presidency, mexico will be willing to build that wall

  19. Snuffy Smif says:

    It’s past time for Democrats in congress to start calling out Republicans for what they are, self-preserving, unpatriotic, un-American, useless SELLOUTS to democracy!!

  20. Moneymyke357 says:

    The Republican party has lost their legitimacy to govern.

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